Triangl Isabel in Licorice

Triangl Indy in New York Noir

Let's just take a minute...

...and we're back. So like most I had been seeing these ridiculously hot girls floating around Instagram in the hottest bikini's I'd ever seen. Turns out it was this brand Triangl, originating from Australia, land of hot girls. On seeing a particular Black Neoprene offering I knew I had to make it my mission to hunt down these beaut bits of cloth.

But the craziest thing happened, Triangl actually approached me! I mean, I have no hot bod and do not feel like I'm any sort of influencer in the internet world at all, so why would they approach me? I then realised that's not for me to question, get on with choosing a bikini they've offered ha. It turns out I couldn't choose between the gorgeous Isabel underwear set and the Indy bikini and the guys at Triangl were so so lovely they sent me both, they had seen my recent foot operation woes and sent them as a get well gift, mazing right?

Honestly, these sets are as hot in real life as they look in pictures. The underwear, I cannot describe to you how perfect it is. It's a double layered mesh, that feels incredible. The quality of both sets is amazing, they are really well made, not to mention the packaging. If you've seen these out and about in the world of t'interwebs and they've caught your eye, treat yourself right now I say!

I can't really do a post on undies without mentioning sizing so in both sets I have a small top and medium bottom. I'm a pear shape with teenie boobies and big hips. I would say if you have any sort of boobage, perhaps over a big B, these could be a bit of a squeeze and I reckon you'd get major under boob in the bikini, (which isn't always a bad thing, just pretend your Rihanna) but you can easily return the items so don't let it put you off ordering.

After receiving these two I definitely want to treat myself to the Isabel in Tangerine and the Bikini in Arizona Sunset, basically one of each in every colour ha!

Have you been lusting over Triangl like I have?

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