Building my makeup kit | #1

I have mentioned a couple of times on my youtube channel about the fact I was um-ming and ah-hing as to whether or not to do a makeup artist course. I did a very basic makeup course a few years ago and I have aaaaaalways wanted to deem myself as a 'professional' makeup artist. Since embarking upon my hairdressing journey I have really adopted a 'just do it' attitude. I'm grown now and have a good idea of what makes me happy, as well as realising 'YOLO' and all that, if you are able to make it happen, you neeeeeed to be doing what you want to be doing.

So with that said I have paid my discount and booked myself onto a course at the amazing Academy of Freelance Makeup and I am so so so so SO excited.

Unfortunately I couldn't get onto the course I wanted until July as they get pretty booked up. In a way this is good though as it gives me a really good amount of time to slowly start building my kit, which will definitely become the most expensive thing I own!

I of course already have a pretty substantial amount of makeup and have started dividing the bits I don't really use into a makeup case, ready to go for my kit, but there are things I will need to start building up like blushers, bronzers, eyeshadows, lip pencils, eyeliners, blah blah the list is endless. Obviously on my course I will have access to products as well as discounts so I will be leaving things like foundations, concealers etc until then, but there are a few/lot of things I already know I need/want thanks to hours of makeup kit videos on Youtube! I also work for the Estee Lauder companies and so get a pretty good discount on some fab brands so it makes sense for me to start building my kit this way.

My plan is to start posting these blog type hauls everytime I do a kit order and then once I have done my course I plan to do a final makeup kit video on my channel. I thought this would be an easier and more useful way rather than constantly uploading smaller kit videos. This way you can keep track of what I'm getting and look forward to my final kit video and seeing it all come together!

So OK let's go -

Three Pack of Clear Bags - I always see makeup artists on set with a clear bag with handles to aid with touch ups in between shots. The other bags are great as you can see everything that's in there and the quality of these ones from Amazon are perfect.

Zuca Pouch - From watching all these youtube videos I have become obsessed with Zuca. If you are a hair or makeup person, you need these in your life. This girls video showcases the Zuca in all it's beauty. Of course I've packed the obligatory Ardell Demi Wispies!

Mac Pro Large Palettes - I bought two of these to start with. I have an older one with some shadows in but I know I'll need at least one more for shadows and one for blushes. I also picked up MAC Melba to get my blush palette off to a good start.

MAC Pro Quad - Perfect for eyebrows instead of keeping the shades in your big palette. Mine currently holds Omega, Charcoal Brown, Espresso and Folie.

MAC Face & Body in C2 (50ml) - The only foundation range I know for sure I need in my kit, I also love that they now come in 50ml. If you have any recommendations for shades you need please let me know as I'm not sure at the moment what/how many to get.

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadows in Triple Impact and Opalesse - I saw these in my staff shop and I had to have them. These were limited edition but are the most beautiful, iridescent shades, perfect for highlight and accent shades.

MAC Gareth Pugh Beauty Powder in Elude - A funny purchase you may think. Again I got this from my staff shop and thought it could be great for highlighting as well as whiting out the face for a more 'alternative' type shoot, or just a model with that beautiful, milky complexion.

So there we go. My first kit haul, let me know what you think of this idea as well as ideas for stuffs you think I'd need. I've already done another order so you have another haul coming up very're welcome.

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