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As a budding hair stylist I cannot stop trying out products. Hairsprays, shine sprays, volumizers, moulding pastes and smoothing creams, I love them all! In my quest to build the perfect kit, for clients as well as myself, I stumbled across an oldie but goodie.

Tigi Bed Head is a brand I associate with my early days of treating myself to a fancy haircut at Toni & Guy around birthday time, lots of layers and a messy texture was always on the menu. One thing that you'll never forget about Bed Head, is the is always amazing! Another thing, the packaging, eye catching and full of colour but not too garish. Tigi Bed Head is a fun, young and exciting brand, that I think needs to come back as a firm fav in everyone's stash.

When visiting my old stomping ground, Muse of London for a recent bleach touch up, I couldn't help but get lost in the shelves of products. Since I'd left, Tigi had come in and funked up the salon giving it a fresh new look and I couldn't resist picking up a couple of treats for myself.

Just a quick disclaimer, I have not been paid or asked by Tigi to do this post. I was sent one product, marked with * for my consideration, the rest I bought with my own money and am genuinely so impressed with. Not to put a dampner on this post, I just feel sometimes these things need to be spelt out in the blogosphere.

Tigi Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray: This is a tough product to figure out at first. Being an aerosol you'd expect to finish with this but really, it works amazingly on damp hair as a root lift spray. Sort of a cross between a spray and a mousse, focus this on the roots and massage in, blast dry upside down or set with rollers and watch how your style reaches new heights! (apologies for the cheesy pun, sometimes that copywriter in me still sneaks out!) But seriosuly, a gorgeous product, does not overload your hair at all, I can't see how you could ever use too much, a real fool proof volumizer for those that like to spray and go.

Tigi Bed Head Headrush: I've had this product for years and I always go back to it. So underrated but needs it time to shine(!) It's so easy to go over the top with a shine spray as they are usually oil based, so always opt for an aerosol over a pump to save having to wash your hair again! Another product I really don't think you can over use and adds a lovely sheen to even the messiest of textures.

*Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust: Dusting/Volume powders are it right now in hair styling. I've used a fair amount and it's so easy to get this product wrong. Used correctly they can be amazing, but a lot of the powders come off tacky or sticky feeling and it's so easy to overload your style with it. This is one of the only ones I've used which feels like hardly any product is in your hair. No sticky feeling when applied and the dust itself is so fine, it almost looks like snowflakes. Another fool proof way to refresh your style, add to roots and backcomb for extra lift as well as to soak up oil or throughout layers for instant body and texture, a must for girls on the go.

Tigi Bed Head Small Talk Thickifier: This product is a funny one as the directions for use are a little ambiguous. It sells itself as a 3 in 1: Thickifier | Energizer | Stylizer. So given this description I would use it on wet or dry hair. My preference is wet. Teamed with the Queen for a Day Thickening Spray it's the perfect pairing. Focus this through the mid-lengths and ends and wow, my hair was so full and had so much body, even sleeping it on it couldn't flatten this barnet, and better still, it didn't make my hair feel dry or tacky, something that a more traditional mousse that I would use for body, really does do. On dry hair run this through mid lengths and ends again for separation and body in layers and definition in shorter styles. Oh and it smells like Calpol, the purple one that you'd have as a baby...delish!

Have I convinced you into embracing your Bed Head yet? Or do you already swear by Tigi?

*PR Sample

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