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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti - Aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum | Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti - Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser

Back before Christmas I was really lucky to be invited to have a skin consultation and mini facial at the Elizabeth Arden counter in Boots, Sedley Place. As Arden is such a heritage brand and I really trust their knowledge and products, I jumped at the chance.

The skincare consultation and facial is completely complimentary and if you really want to find out what your skin's playing at and what it needs I'd really recommend it. You start off by having reading done by a very hi-tech machine to show your skins texture, sun damage, oil production and hydration, these are all rated to show where you need to pay the most attention. After having suffered a horrific cold the week before and being slammed with work and college it was no surprise that my main concern was texture, which in a more simpler term, means lack of exfoliating. Something I am truly guilty of! So the facial commenced which left my skin feeling really fantastic, fresh, soft and throughly cleansed and I was sent off laden with a new exfoliator and eye cream to try out. A quick pit stop at Yo Sushi (sans makeup I may add) and off I trotted home.

So I have been using both products for just over a month now and I am pleased to report, I'm very impressed. I'll start with the Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Cream. The eye area is something I pay extra attention to purely because I believe the aging process batters your eyes (and neck) the most, so eye creams are a big must have of mine. Saying that, my eye area is really sensitive and a lot of eye creams I have tried really tend to irritate me. This Prevage one however has been great on my eyes. No irritation and applies really nicely. It's a really light consistency, yet a really intensive treatement, so great for rushed mornings as well as indulgent evenings. I feel like my eye area was consistently hydrated and makeup went on smoothly over the top. It's not going to entirely replace my Clinique All About Eyes as I do prefer a richer texture for eye creams, but it's a big tick from me. Whether this has reduce aging in 15 mins like it claims, we'll have to check back in a few years.

Next the Prevage Anti Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser. Now some of you youngens out there may hear 'anti aging' and think I don't need that. But that's precisely the point, it's anti aging, so you do! And what I love about the focus of this anti aging range is it's attention to environmental damage which contributes to the aging process and, in most cases causing our aging process to not be at it's best. I'm not one to say I never want wrinkles or I'll fall faint to face lifts and botox, I'm very realistic about aging and as long as I look after my skin and enable myself to look the best I naturally can at any age, I'm happy. 

What the Treatment Boosting Cleanser essentially is, is an exfoliator. It's texture is very similar to the Ren Micro Polish cleanser, a firm fav of mine, and I have really enjoyed using it. The great thing is I have needed very little, so it's lasted really well and when I've been having pesky breakouts, mostly on my chin, at first sign if I use this either the breakout doesn't happen, or is very minimal. It hasn't irritated  my skin and the beads are not at all abrasive yet you feel like you're getting a really good clean. All in all a very highly recommended exfoliator from. Thought some may wince at the £38 price tag, I really think a decent exfoliator is worth the investment as it's something you only use once or twice a week.

Have you tried any of the Prevage range? What are your thoughts on anti aging?

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