Santa baby, slip a vinyl under the tree, for me...

I've been pretty MIA with the festive inspired posts and vids this year so I thought I'd throw something in just to stay current ha!

Here are a few bits on my Christmas wishlist this year!

T by Alexander Wang Triangle Bra - a must have for modest/none existent chesticles like mine
Jowell Classic Gold 5.5 inch Scissors - I just love goooooooooold
Comme des Garcons Wallet - I'd definitely have no money to put in it for a long time but damn it's purty
Le Labo Santal Candle - just such effotless homeware chic
Panasonic Leica 25mm/1.4 Lens - if I'm taking this blog/vlog thing serious I neeeeeeed me this lens for 2014
Hole Live Through This Vinyl - my all time favourite album, been searching for this for years, if y'all find it I'll be your best friend

What's on your list?