#ririheartsMAC Fall 2013 Collection...

#rirheartsmac Fall 2013 Collection
Who's That Chick Frost Lipstick | Nude Matte Lipstick | Diamonds Cream Colour Base | Good Girl Gone Bad Blush

I'm not usually one for a MAC collection, I can count on half a hand the amount of limited edition products I own from there, but something came over me with the most recent Rihanna offering.

Of course I was aware the collection was launching...the launch date, which coincidently fell on my birthday, came and went and it wasn't until a few days after I suddenly jolted into full on obsessive mode, how could I have let myself miss out on this?!!

And so the frenzie to obtain these 4 specific items ensued. First on the list was the Nude Lipstick and Diamonds Cream Colour Base, both sold out everywhere. I called around all my local MAC counters and managed to locate the nude lipstick, so I promptly paid over the phone in order to collect the next day. First tick on the list. I decided I definitely wanted the Who's That Chick lipstick as I love orange lipsticks, as this wasn't that tough to get, I picked it up in my local town. That's both the lipsticks located and bought, double tick. I'd resigned myself to the fact that the cream colour base was a no go but one night, a lucky google search showed that 'more stock was due to be added'. I checked the night after to see 'more stock now added' and low and behold there it was! Cream Colour Base in Diamonds ordered, triple tick. Now time to pick up that aforementioned Nude lippie. Of course on arrival I had to just have a quick peruse of what was left just to make finally sure that there was definitely nothing else I'd potentially miss out on...well I had to get the only blusher in the didn't I?!

And there we go, mission #ririheatsmac was complete! So enough about how I got my hands on these, do I actually like them? The answer is 100% yes! My favourite product by far has to be the Nude Lipstick, I love this for Autumn/Winter, the perfect alternative to a berry lip but a bit bolder than my regular peachy nudes. The cream colour base is also a stand out for me as I don't own any others! The shade is beautiful, a really flattering gold shimmer and I love the texture, it glides on really smoothly and is such a versatile product, I shall definitely be getting my monies worth over the coming months.

Did you manage to spoil yourself with any Riri treats? What do you think of the collection?

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