Do blondes have more fun?

First off, apologies for the myspace style selfies, I took these on my phone right after I came out of the hairdressers and hadn't intended to do a post.

If you're a viewer of my youtube, you may have noticed I have been getting progressively lighter recently with the old hair colour. Bit funny seeing as summer is becoming autumn and usually this means going darker. But I've been dark most of my life, my natural hair colour is a warm dark brown and I've spent most of my life going between that, black, a brief flirtation with red and copper before having my first fray into bleach with a DIY ombre job, care of Jerome Russell.

I'd always been told I could never be blonde as it would damage my hair and being someone that likes to change their hair, this is the worst thing to be told. For years I'd wished I could go white blonde but had always been discouraged due to fear of having to shave my head because of the amount of damage.

Having been working in a salon since April, my desire to go lighter heightened, and I dunno if the gaaals I work with are just more laid back, but they all said, 'sure you can go blonde', so I did!

To get to this stage I've had four sets of foils since about July. The first was a mixture of tinting close to the root like a normal foil and slightly backcombing the root to tint further away from the it with a nice blend. I then went for a complete full head close to the root, this still left a lot of darkness through the mid lengths and so I foolishly went elsewhere to get another full head done a few weeks later, this was a huge mistake. The hairdresser didn't know my hair and obviously didn't have enough time to wait for the bleach to lift properly, leaving me with ginger roots and chunks of ginger through the mid lengths, not a good look. I would much rather she'd have told me it was taking longer and I would have happily given up my cut in favour of getting the colour right, but hey ho, you live and you learn. Luckily I was able to go back to my own salon for correction and now I am super blonde and I love!

Next on the hair agenda? I'm looking forward to my roots coming through as that is the look I am really after but I also can't wait to start playing with some crazy colour. I picked up a bottle in Marshmallow and will probs do this in a couple of weeks, of course I shall be documenting this in some form for you guys!

Keep a look out for my new improved haircare post especially formulated for blonde hair coming up soon!

So do blondes have more fun? Well that remains to be seen...

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