A natural beauty...

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It could be a socio/cultural response to the recession, it could just be the fact that I'm becoming so lazy lately. Either way, I've become a huge fan of the, how can I put this so you get my meaning, the heroin chic look I guess?! I mean more natural makeup but more to the point, an unconcealed under eye area, and something tells me I'm the only one! 

Sky Ferreira and of course the Olsens have been pioneering this look for aaaaages but more recently, I spied a small ode to this over on one of my favourite beauty sites, Into the Gloss's Monday Moodboard as well as one of my fav beauty bloggers Kate mentioning how she feels more like herself with a natural undereye, in one of her vids lately.

So what are your thoughts on a more natural undereye? Yay or nay?

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