I haven't had a dream in a long time...

1. Selfie Tank
2. Leather Running Shorts
3. New Balance 410s
4. Sk:n Clinic Laser Hair Removal
5. MAC Definitely Defined Extra Dimension Skinfinish.
6. Celine Leather Wrap Bracelet
7. Comme Des Garcons Wallet
Thought I'd mix it up and start doing the occasional 'wish/want' post as I'm such a shopaholic and always seem to be after something!

The rather limited spurt of sunshine over the weekend has got me thinking about spring/summer and I've been spending sometime thinking about a few style/beauty updates.

1. I saw this Selfie tank on instagram and fell in love, too bad it's a US website and shipping is $40!!! Perhaps I can make my own?
2. Sun, running shorts, leather...need I justify more?
3. I have been wanting the New Balance 410s for months but they are constantly sold out in size 5 waaaaah! Isn't it annoying how when things are sold out you become even more obsessed?!
4. The next one is slightly random but for years I've been a slave to the bikini wax. A month scarcely goes by without a visit for the dreaded strip. I've always been interested in laser hair removal and found this cute laser hair removal clinic in London called Sk:n Clinic offering 30% off! As the sun is hopefully on it's way I'm sooo tempted to finally bid farewell to waxing. What do you think, should I take the plunge?
5. I cannot wait for the new MAC Extra Dimension range launching this summer, I missed the gorgeous skinfinishes in the last one and am determined to make this one mine.
6. As you know I've been obsessed with Dani Song of late and she never takes an instagram pic without her beloved Celine cuff, if anyone fancies treating me?!
7. And lastly I have coveted this Comme wallet for a couple of years and with spring on the way, I don't think I can resist any longer. Got to find a way of injecting something other than black into my wardrobe ey!

Let me know what you think of these types of obsessive roundups and I may do more!

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