Girl crush...

If you've read my lamo 'about me' section on any of my 'social sites' you'll see I describe myself as one thing...the original fangrrrl. I'm one of those girls that worships a pretty, cool or just interesting chick with style that won't quit..(that rhymed) This means I'm never one to say, 'ergh she thinks she's it' or 'she's pretty but I bet she's a bitch', no, no, I celebrate my sisters. There's even a part of me that simpathises with guys, (to an extent) With all these fit chicks around how's anyone ever supposed to stay on the straight and narrow?

I've been in a real style rut lately, totally uninspired and always feel like I have nothing to wear, and when this happens I always look to the fashion sistren for some much needed inspiration.

So I thought I'd just throw up a quick post in dedication to my number one girl crush of the moment, Dani Song. Whether she's older or younger, she's the sibling of uber chic Cali blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style, and I really cannot get enough of her.

She's asian, she's a hair stylist, she loves gold and she dresses like a boy, need I say more?

Stalk her on instagram here.

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