Death is dwelling on the past or staying in one place too long...

10 points if you can guess where that quote is of my fav films evs BTW.

I feel as though I have been a bit MIA recently coz...well I have! So I thought I'd update you as to why...I've moved!

Between Christmas and New Year I took the plunge and made a big change in my life. I had been living in my previous area for the last two years and even though this was a really enjoyable time for me, over the last few months I had just gone down, way down, mood wise, the old headspace entered a place it hadn't been before and made me deal with some pretty heavy stuff really, but I knew I had to sort myself out and for me, one thing I knew I could take control of and would instantly help, was my surroundings. I'm really affected by where I'm living, who I'm with and, as I've realised as I've gotten older (no matter how sad this makes me!) how close my mum is.
Like I say, the majority of the last two years had been a happy time for me, but when I thought about it, the thing that was contributing to my somewhat unbalanced state of mind was the fact that I never really felt truly settled or at home where I was. It was getting to the point where I would dread going back if I went home for the weekend (which was becoming pretty often towards the end) and wished I could stay in the comfort of Mumma's house watching Kirstie's Vintage Home and eating fish'n'chips! I then had a bit of a revelation following a slight crisis of confidence towards the end of last year and I knew, I have to move back to where I'm familiar.

So here I am! I thought I'd give you a wee sneak peek into my new boudoir as I know how thrilling it must be for you. Regular posting is sure to be resumed from here on in, I'm really enjoying the old outfit post as opposed to just beauty, so stay tuned...

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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