Beauties of 2012: Lips and Cheeks

Dior Nude Trench | Topshop Nevada | Revlon Smoked Peach | Topshop Charmed 

Collection Breathless | MAC Harmony | Vivo Baked Bronzer

Soooo I know I said this would be a two post series but...I lie, it's gona be three! I just have so many beaut products I couldn't possibly confine them to one/two looooong posts.
2012 was the year of nudes for me, a year I never thought would happen. Before this I was strictly a bold girl, if it wasn't bright red, vamp purple or shocking pink, I wasn't interested. But a part of me had always longed to experiment with nudes, not the baby pink, creamy nudes of the generic everyday gaaaal oh no, the lip lined, brown toned, concealer lips I coveted on my teenage idols like Mary J Blige, TLC and more recently, my beloved Chola gyaaaaals. 
So I bit the bullet and dipped my toe in and I have to say, it's love. Sure the vamp in me will never truly disappear but I'm certainly open to leaving the house full on in the nude! I love all of these lippies but my absolute fav has to be Dior Nude in Trench. I cannot express my love for Dior lip products enough, think a really luxury Revlon Lip Butter but not as waxy. Truly moisturising, has that gorgeous retro lipstick smell and basically, an absolute joy to own and use. I also really enjoyed the Revlon Matte Lipsticks this year specifically in Smoked Peach, beautiful under a sheer gloss or equally as nice patted onto the lips alone. Even the term lipstick ranked as one of my favourite words of 2012.

I won't waste time, the ultimate discovery this year has to be Collection (2000) Blush in Breathless. Bought on a whim when I had an impromptu night out and zero makeup I really thought I was making do with this one. How wrong I was, perfect for taking out with you, as it's so cheap and who gives if it breaks but even better, it has a beautiful, blendable texture, perfect amount of shimmer for a flattering highlight whilst being pigmented enough for a subtle flush of colour. I also loved alternating MAC Harmony and Vivo Baked Bronze. Bronze in the summer when I was a slight sheen, it's also great as a was of colour over the lid, and MAC in the winter when it's strictly back to matte. 

I must also give a special shout out to the Benefit Boxed Blushers, I was lucky enough to discover them all this year and have gone from thinking they're overpriced, ridiculously packaged 'gift' makeup to actually feeling like they hold their own against my main 3 players...they are ridiculously overpriced and packaged in the most dysfunctional way possible but, I love every one of them!

What was all up on your lips and cheeks in 2012?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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