Beauties of 2012: Added Extras

Estee Lauder Doublewear | Clinique Superbalanced Makeup | Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup | bareMinerals Matte Mineral Powder | Real Techniques Buffing Brush

17 Wild Curls Mascara | Maybelline Gel Liner

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb EDT

Here we are, the last installment in the Beauties of 2012 series. Bit of a random one as I didn't want to put all my makeup in the last post as it would've ended up being huge!

So I think I mentioned before that 2012 was the year of beauty discoveries for me. I strayed away from products I used for years in favour of lesser known ones and even brands I would never have considered. I rediscovered an old favourite in Estee Lauder Doublewear, a must for a night out with an oily skin but slightly heavy for day. Step up Clinique bases. A brand I NEVER would've bothered with had I not been given samples. For years I'd been using MAC Studio Fix Fluid but was never really too impressed, supposedly great for oily skins I found it broke down, oxidised and just generally didn't cut it when it came to a long day at work. Foolishly I'd resigned myself to the fact that maybe my skin was so oily I'd never find a suitable base to go the distance. I then tried the Clinique Superbalanced makeup and didn't think it could get much better, lasted all day, didn't break down and just made my skin, and more importantly pores, look sensational! After seeing some reviews on the Clinique Stay Matte foundation I then gave this a go. I'd stashed it away as I thought the colour match was completely wrong but the formula sounded so perfect I couldn't resist. And low and behold could it be, I found my holy grail foundation? Great coverage, superb oil/pore control and the colour, I don't know how but it somehow blended into my skin perfectly. This has been my everyday foundation for nearly the whole of 2012 and I don't see this changing anytime soon. Honestly, if you've got oily skin and have had enough of shitty foundations, I urge you to give this a go. 
I'll just quickly mention bareMinerals Matte Mineral Powder, again as I'm oily I found this was great for through the day touch ups to refresh my makeup without looking too cakey. Also fab for lazy days when I need a little help to look more...alive! Read more about my 2012 conversion to bareMinerals here. Like most beauty gaaals that Real Techniques Buffing Brush was my application tool of choice, seriously couldn't live without this now.

So being the year of discovery I also discovered more high street or 'drug store' makeup. I usually don't care for drugstore makeup but I stumbled across these two and have completely changed my view. Sure I won't be swapping MAC or Nars completely for Rimmel and 17 anytime soon but I'm definitely more open to giving some more bits a go.
The most notable discovery being the 17 Wild Curls mascara. Now I actually really rate 17 for their lipsticks (Heatherberry anyone?!) but mascaras, I never really stray from my Beloved Dior Show. 
I bought this for a friend and never ended up giving it to them so cracked it open myself. I couldn't believe the results, no clumping, the perfect brush that applies the perfect amount of product and creates both length and volume. It slso works brilliantly with false eyelashes. The only downer is it runs out pretty quick, but it's so cheap who gives really! I'll gloss over the Maybelline Gel Liner, as it's pretty obvious what's to love. It's just as good as the higher end ones, easy to apply with a good brush and lasts all day, as a fan of the flicks what more can I say?!

I'm a pretty big fan of men's fragrance at the best of times but for 2012, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb was generously spritzed about my person on most days. Not too heavy for summer but spicy and heady enough for winter, this works as a great everyday, all year round, first thing you could grab in the morning type fragrance. I won't try and describe the scent, just go and smell it!

So there we go, the last bits of 2012!! Tell me your beauty favourites so I can discover more goodies in 2013.

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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