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ghd Style and Protect Set £39
Can you believe it's a mere 4 DAYS 'til the big day?! Where the hell has the time gone, I feel like I've had nooo time whatsoever to enjoy the month or two long Christmas build up that I usually baske in, and all of a sudden here we are, and I haven't even finished my Christmas shopping!
But enough about me, with all this festive cheer I've now found a new stress to worry about, how the hell am I going to look on the big day?! And after that, New Year's Eve!! So on that subject the first base I'm going to cover is hair.
When it comes to hair I'm pretty simple, I like it big, textured and slightly wavy. Que the ghd Style and Protect set. The biggest thing I love about this set is the Paddle brush...look at the size of it! This brush is great for encouraging your hair to add it's own natural volume from the roots, no more flat head hair! I've seen such a difference in how 'big' my hair looks once the roots have been 'stimulated' shall we say by this brush, an amazing tool. I also love the two slides included, perfect for sectioning off your hair to get that perfect, even blow dry, or for adding waves with the trusty ghd IV Styler afterwards.
Now onto the products, the ghd Straight and Smooth spray is fab for using with any 'hot tool' styler. Even though I love texture in my hair, I also want it to look healthy and smooth, rather than haggered, frizzy and dry and this spray is perfect for achieving that. Just spritz on while your hair is wet and dry into your style. I find it helps my straighteners to glide down my hair a lot more easily with no snagging, plus it helps to hold and maintain your style. And finally, to finish the whole style the ghd Style Final Shine Spray. Now you only need to be sparce with this but it really helps to 'coat' your style with a naturally glossy looking finish, even if your ends a ravaged from bleach like mine are!!
Need a late Christmas gift? This is perfect for that difficult sister or beauty addict girlfriend!
How will you be styling your locks this party season? Get some 'hair' spiration over on the ghd website and let's all have a 'good hair day' this Christmas! (couldn't resist!!)
Until the next post!
Love, love, love,

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