Christmas Gift Guide...For Mum

The Sanctuary Pamper Hamper £30

With Christmas round the corner and more and more beauty-ful (ha...copywriter humour) gift sets popping up day after day I thought why not give my two cents with a few small, affordable, gift guides. This year I have been lucky enough to a sample a couple of lovely Christmas treats which inspired me to create my perfectly compact gift guide series.

Of course I had to start off with Mum. We all like to spoil our Mum's at Christmas and I'm definitely no different, but if a spa break is slightly, more like majorly, out of your budget, why not treat her to this gorgeous spa gift set from The Sanctuary. I have tried a few Sanctuary products in my time and have always been so impressed, their salt scrub was my first ever 'luxury' purchase when I started buying my own beauty products and is one I go back to time after time, I'm also a massive fan of their 5 minute thermal detox mud mask. So onto the set, I am so impressed with the range of products it contains giving Mum a real excuse to indulge and pamper herself from head to toe. In it you'll find a 300ml tub of luxurious body butter (so nourishing at this time of year) a body wash, body scrub, foaming bath soak (pure indulgence!), intensive rescue heel balm, fresh faced purifying wash and an illuminating moisture lotion, all for a very reasonable £30. All in all this is a fab way to give Mum a real taste of the spa in the comfort of her own bath tub!

What are you planning to get for your lucky Mumma's?

Look out for my forthcoming posts for sisters and girlfriends!

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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