Indulge: My first Lush bath...

If you've been following me for a while you may or may not know two things about me: I have/had a rather large distain for any products from the well loved, natural brand, Lush and if you read this post, you will also be aware that I rarely take baths, I always shower.

Two things have now changed in me which I never saw coming. I now enjoy the occasional bath and what's more's all down to Lush.

Now when I say I had a large distain for Lush, this wasn't out of choice. I'd spend hours watching Lush hauls on Youtube and wax lyrical about the potential bath time indulgence I could enjoy, but for some reason, I just couldn't separate the 'bath bomb' effect. All I associated with Lush was an overwhelming soapy smell and messy stinky bath bombs, and call me old fashioned, but stepping into glittery, dark purple bath water just didn't ever appeal to me. I then got given a Lush goody bag containing said bath bombs, snow fairy shower gel and that lip exfoliator. And hence, the change began. Admittedly I still haven't gone near the bath bombs but, I did really like the shower gel despite being not crazy on the scent and was obsessed with the lip exfoliator. This then opened my mind to the possibility of a Lush life outside of bath bombs. One thing lead to another and I ended up falling in love with the Lush fresh face masks and I've never looked back. One thing I was yet to conquer though, was the bath products, this was still very iffy territory.

Whilst on my countryside jaunt I was very spoilt and had my own en suite, complete with bright white, ever so inviting bath. Well I couldn't resist could I? After all when in the country ey! So this being the perfect opportunity, I popped into Lush and persuaded myself to purchase some kind of bath treat. Now bath bombs were still a no go, but I had seen on Lily's instagram an image of the Bubblebeard bubblebar in action and have to say, it's bubble ability impressed me. So a bubble bar it was, but once again, glitter and any strong, dark colour was still a no go so I opted for the least offensive looking one which was the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon which as the name suggests, is a delicious, macaroon looking bubble bar.

And it was no disappointment, I used the whole thing and it bubbled up a treat as well as completely dissolving which I didn't think it was going to as the water felt quite grainy whilst it was running. It did tint the water slightly orange which I was worried about, after all, this is someone else's bright, white bath and bath mat, what if it stains?! But again, I wasn't disappointed. For some reason due to the colour I'd imagined I'd have to re-shower after the bath, which kind of defeats the object, as well as give the tub a thorough rinse, on both counts I was wrong. Absolutely no trace of colour amazing is that?! As well as this my skin felt and smelt delish!

Overall, and I never thought this would happen, but it seems as if yes, I too am a Lush convert. Not bath bombs just yet let's not get too ahead of ourselves, but bubble bars, I can't get enough. I'm even considering investing in one of those beauty blogger cliche cookie jars to store all my yet to be bought Lush goodies...what has happened to me?! I'm just getting old I suppose!

What do you think of Lush? Tell me your favourite products!

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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