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So this is a post of two parts as I have soooooo many products to chat about. I thought I'd combine cleansing and moisturising into the first post with my skincare extras as the second post.

For reference my skin is pretty oily, very congested and can get dehydrated so if you can relate, some, if not all of these products could be good options for you as I've been using this routine for a while and it's one I'm really liking.

For me, the jury isn't out on my all time favourite cleanser as I'm constantly trying new things and there's a few I do go back to but, at the moment the Origins Zero Oil cleanser ranks high, I do also love Estee Lauder and Ren for cleansers.  I got the Origins one as it contains Salicylic Acid which is supposed to be good for clearing blackheads, of which I have in abundance! I'll be honest, they haven't miraculously disappeared as I'd imagined but I can see a slight reduction which is a pretty big deal considering I can't remember a time when blackheads weren't a feature across my nose. The Clarins exfoliator I use twice a week before a face mask and is a product I really like. Creamy enough to lather up and not be too harsh yet abrasive enough to make my skin look fresh and squeaky clean. Toner is something I have always used, not sure why I've just always been really good with it. I really like how refreshed it makes my skin feel and from experimenting with a few more up market ones, I can definitely see a difference. Enlarged pores are a big problem for me and I noticed a huge difference when I started using the Elemis Balancing Lavender toner, it really has changed my life. I ran out of this a few weeks ago and since then I raided my stash and found this Origins United State. Now this kind of stings on application but it hasn't irritated or dried out my skin at all and I really feel like it gives my skin a real refreshing sweep before moisturiser.

This La Prairie eye cream is a real luxury. I appreciate that the average gaaal will not be spending £60 on an eye cream and I was really lucky to be given this as a trial so I wanted to include it purely to reveal whether these real high end products are really worth it. Whilst I'm not advocating spending £60 I must say I do really like this eye cream. My eyes are notoriously sensitive and I am constantly having problems with eye creams, so much so there was a time when all I could use was The Body Shop's Elderflower Eye Gel as other creams I tried left my eyes sore and dry. I then tried the Clinique All About Eyes which is definitely a firm favourite and now this La Prairie. It's from their Advanced Marine Biology collection which is aimed at a younger clientele (albeit the MIC set as only they could really afford it!) It's essentially a refreshing and cooling gel that hydrates the eye area. I love how it applies and most of all no irritation, big thumbs up! For moisturisers I do use a day and a night cream, both from Origins. The Origins Zero Oil in the day for the Salicylic reasons I mentioned before, not to mention it's really light texture that melts into the skin straight away, a godsend for us oily girls who have no time to wait hours for creams to sink in. At night I then slather on the Origins High Potency Night-a-mins. A product I wasn't sure about at first but upon insisting on making myself love it I actually really do, after a nights sleep my make up applies fantastically and my skin texture and tone is even a smooth.

So that's it for the first installment of my skincare routine. Keep an eye out for the next one to see what added extras I can't live without!

What are your favourite skincare prods?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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