Edited: The autumn/winter fragrance...

...or maybe that should be the ONLY autumn/winter fragrance.

When it comes to fragrance I've always been one to opt for the uncommon. I love wearing a scent I know people aren't particularly familiar with and when you say 'oh it's this' you're met with '...oh...yeh...should I know what that is?' Saying that I do think it is becoming harder to be that fragrance connoisseur I thought I once was, take Ecsentric Molecule for one, almost overnight it became a blog phenomenon, my best kept secret forever exposed!

And the same goes for this classic, Tom Ford Black Orchid. For a good few months it was Hackney's best kept secret, garnering a knowing nod between the few girls that dowsed themselves in it before hitting up Effes on a Friday night. Fast forward a couple years and it's old news. But, for me, it will always remain a classic. I love this fragrance all year round but especially come autumn/winter. It's exactly how I want to smell, mysterious, heady and intoxicating!

So in short, if you haven't smelt this, get to smelling! It's a pretty masculine, woody, spicy scent, full to the brim with Oud, so if you're not into that, then, probs don't bother...infact even if you are, for the sake of me remaining a scent snob steer well clear and find your own fragrance! (I am of course joking...sort of)

What's your favourite autumn scent?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,