The first bath in years with Fresh Sugarbath Lychee Cubes

Fresh Sugarbath Lychee Sugar Cubes $38

One thing I love about going home is getting to have a little snoop into Mother's toiletry stash. Now Mummy Mary isn't as into skincare/beauty/bath & body as myself, but one thing she does like to indulge in is a little treat for the bath. I myself am not a bath person at all, I always shower. I just think it's quicker and to be honest, I find baths a bit disgusting but I saw these 'Fresh' sugar cubes on the bathroom shelve when I was home this weekend and have to say, I was intrigued.

I remember my sister bringing these back from New York as a pressie for Mumsie last Christmas and having not head much about the brand, as well as the fact I don't take baths, I wasn't too interested. More recently though I've been hearing a lot about 'Fresh' and upon this trip home, when I saw this I thought, right, it's time for a bath!.

Like I say, I find baths disgusting really, as in, I think you end up lying in your own dirt and I don't find that relaxing at all, that and a misfortunate incident with my sister and a toenail when I was really young kind of put me off for life! So, for me to take a bath it has to be purely relaxing. I will not be shaving, exfoliating or washing my hair, I will purely be sitting there until I'm a prune.

So onto these sugar cubes. Firstly, they are Lychee flavoured, one of my favo things! Lychee's a really fresh, fruity scent which isn't too overwhelming and I just find it really refreshing. They are similar to Lush bath bombs I'd assume in consistency as in they're powdery blocks that just dissolve in the bath but I find they are a little more robust than Lush, as in they don't fall apart in your hand, and despite them saying they create some bubbles, they definitely don't. But this is fine, I'm not too bothered about bubbles, the only thing they do is make the water a bit cloudy but what I love, is it smells amazing and this smell stays on your skin for aaaaages. After getting out of the bath my skin also felt really soft and not greasy or like it had any residue like a bath oil, just really soothed and hydrated.

So overall, my first bath in years, as well as my first Fresh experience, went well. I did get a leeeetle bit bored but, I can see why the odd bath would be welcomed on those particularly stressful days. And this Fresh, I am keen to get into. I really recommend these sugar cubes as an alternative to bath bombs as I know bath bombs can be really messy and like I mentioned these are slightly more robust as well as coming on this gorgeous frosted jar, great to use for storage after. They are ALOT more expensive, sure, but baths are about treating yourself so I'm not recommending these for daily use, just those times when you really want to indulge and if you've got a little birthday or celebration coming up, why not? Next on my list is the Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment, coral...lip treatment...sounds a lot like my absolute best!

Unfortunately Fresh is really hard to get hold of in the UK, there is no UK web seller and infact only one store on Marylebone High Street (which is great for me as I work around the corner!) so don't get too excited about it, just put it on the list to check out on any upcoming trips to London or the States! But, in the meantime you can perv over the offerings on their US website here.

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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