New MAC lipstick: CB 96

MAC CB 96 £14

This is the newest addition to my MAC lipstick collection and if I'm honest, I didn't feel like I was that spoilt for choice when I approached the counter. I usually go into MAC and think I want every single lippie and eyeshadow but recently, nothing has really jumped out at me. However, I had a few bits to back to MAC and I really wanted a new addition and this was a colour that had consistently jumped out at me upon every visit to the counter, so I thought, what the hey, it's free, let's do this.

This is also a lipstick I very rarely, if ever, hear about. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen a blogpost or youtube rave about this shade. Upon googling I'm sure I would do, but at the time of this post...nothing. 

What really jumped out about this shade to me was the fact that it's slightly orange but under the guise of a really bright red. It's a frost finish which, controversially, is one of my favourite finishes and has a really beautiful gold sheen to it. The thing I love about frost finishes is the depth it adds to your lip colour, the fact it's metallic really creates a 3D type effect to your lips and basically, just jazzes it up!

If you have a love for red lippies and feel intrigued about an orange base, I'd highly recommend having a wee swatch of this on your next MAC visit.

PS. When the hell did MAC lipsticks become £14?!

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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