Current Obsession...Dior Amber Diamond

Dior Amber Diamond available at Escentual £30.65

I have been coveting this product for months now thanks to the rave reviews it receives from one of my resident go to beauty gaaals, Tanya Burr. For some reason or another though (which is very unlike me as I can justify any unnecessary purchase) I just couldn't bare to part with the pretty hefty price tag of £32 for a highlighter! Yes it's Dior and yes the packaging is exquisite, but did I really need another highlighter?! Then I see Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup declare her love and it becomes official, 'can I really go another day without this?!'

I'm then on a lunchtime trip to John Lewis and I just decide to go to the counter just to see if they have a tester, just so I can put myself off completely hoping it'll be way too shimmery and hard to work with. There's none to be seen except Rose Diamond. I then ask after Amber only to be informed of the worst, enabling news you could possibly hear as a makeup's been discontinued.

Whaaaaaaat! Ok now I have to have it. And so begins the online search and to be honest, it's pretty easy to find so I don't know if it's just planning to be discontinued or whether the wheels are in motion, either way I managed to find it on Escentuals for an ever so slightly more modest (!) £30.65, but one more's out of stock, on reserve for 5-7 days thus feeding my hunger for this coveted product even more! So I have no choice...add to bag, complete via paypal, done!

Is it worth it?
So it is very expensive but I have to say, if you fancy a little treat or just adding some luxury to your makeup stash I really recommend. I love Dior packaging in general so this alone is enough for me to purchase but it's also the perfect highlighting shade for my skin. I'm not one for anything too pink or white so obvs that's why the term 'amber' originally appealed to me over rose. As you can see from the pictures the shades are beautiful spanning from shimmery white through to bright gold and deep bronze. The range of shades are great swirled together, used alone as eyeshadow or either end for your preferred concentrate of highlight, so, if you needed anymore persuading it's a great multi functional product. 

What are your favourite highlighters?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love.

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