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Primark Studded Pouch £6

So I have a bit of a love/hate relaaaash with the stud. I really do like a studded accessory and with all the blog/youtube how tos floating around it's such a thrifty and easy way to add a little 'je ne s'ai quoi' to a regular joe piece of denim. 

This is, in my opinion however, it's gift and it's curse. When it comes to fashion I cannot stand it when anything is described as edgy, on trend, in, current, rocky, trendy, basically those really cliche terms that makes chicks with perhaps not a great deal of style or creativity feel fashionable. This may sound harsh but...I think you all know what I'm getting at, so things that tend to fall under any of these categories, as much as I can, I try to stay away from or if I simply can't resist, try as much as possible to re-work it. It's just easy fashion isn't it? a passport to cool which results in kids like Little Mix whacking on a pair of patent DMs and Guns'n'Rose crop t-shirt and claiming they're this generations answer to Courtney Love. 

What I 'm trying to say as politely as possible is, it really pisses me off when people that have no business rocking things like DMs, creepers or even these studs just absolutely rinse the shit out them and ruin it for chicks that actually rock them with authority and don't rely on these items to define and influence how people see them, as in desperate to be cool rather than just a piece in their wardrobe. Yes, I know fashion is all about trends but not everyone has to wear the same things just because Topshop put it on a mannequin. And if DMs go with nothing else in your wardrobe, you agonise over what to wear them with and they quite obviously wear you instead of you wearing them, perhaps steer clear.

Rant over...

So back to the actual point I had my eyes set on getting an AA pouch for a while but just haven't been able to bring myself to part with £60 but it was getting to the point where it seemed like nowhere was ever going to reproduce a reasonably priced dupe, so I was almost about to surrender.

I then saw this in Primark and couldn't resist. I would have preferred this to be plain, sure, but the studs, I really do like, it's a great dupe for the Topshop and Zara versions and for £6! I actually didn't have a choice. If I get bored with the studs I can just turn it around and we have plain simple black eternal favourite thing in the world.

So yeh, I just thought I'd share this with y'all as I'm certain you won't be able to click onto youtube with being smashed round the eyeballs with one in the next few weeks.

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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