Tanya Burr Recommends...Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner

I am part of the anomaly of gaaals who has actually always used Toner. Not because I felt like it was particularly doing anything, and I've never had a favourite, but it just became a habit. I felt like it refreshed my skin after cleansing and felt easier to apply moisturiser, sort of like a sorbet before dessert, cleanse the old pallet before finishing the meal!

Now, in the last few months like most of the beauty blogging world, skincare has replaced makeup as my money munching obsession. And my main criteria? Apart from the obvious brightening, radiance boosting, oil control, it's all about pore minimising. All of a sudden my pores have become the size of craters, someone could live in there, so anything promising to shrink these bad boys is a definite purchase from me.

Allow me to introduce my recent miracle discovery...

Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner £19.40

Now, like most Youtube fanatics, I count Tanya Burr as one of my go to girls for pretty much everything. Upon my recent quest to shrink my pores I watched about a million skincare routines and Tanya Burr's was my first port of call. I must say out of every possible product that makes up a skincare routine, I wasn't expecting to come away desperate for her recommended toner, but she spoke about how it had done wonders for the size of her pores and as soon as I heard that, I was sold. 

Elemis isn't really a brand I have ever gravitated towards, I lump it in with other 'spa' brands like Eve Lom and (until recently) Ren, that I just didn't really seem interested in but, upon Tanya's recommendation, I couldn't resist and I've even got my eye on a few other things from Elemis, so watch this space for more cheeky purchases!

So off I toddled to Feel Unique where they also happened to be having about 15% off so I got it for around £15 I think, quite pricey really for someone who's regular toner was from Simple, but, like I say I just used it as habit, I didn't see the need to spend money on it as I didn't really think they particularly did anything! 

Like I've mentioned, I have been using a few products to address my pore situation but I must say, I do feel like this is helping. This is the first toner I actually feel is doing something for my skin, as the title suggests it's soothing and I love the lavender scent, especially before bedtime. I really have noticed a difference in how refined my pores look as well as the presence of redness, I get slight redness on the tops of my cheeks, and overall my skin tone seems happier. And I myself couldn't be happier, the first expensive toner I try and I love it! I have no intention to try anything else and am confident this will be in my skincare routine for years to come.

If it's good enough for Tanya!

Have you tried anything from Elemis?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,