Summer Series..My Favourite Bronzers!

Now this post may seem somewhat out of place considering the atrocious weather we've been having in the UK for a month that insists on calling itself July!! But, in a bid to will the sunshine to come out and pull myself out of post holiday blues, I thought I'd give you a little rundown of a few of my favourite bronzers.

Clockwise from top: Vivo Baked Bronze in Sun Kiss Shade 1, Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer, bareMinerals All Over Face Colour in Warmth, Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glint & Burnish

Now I know what you're thinking, where's Nars Laguna and possibly MAC Matte Bronze? Well, as much as they come highly recommended, I just wanted to give you guys something different as there are so many other bronzers out there and wherever I can, I want to try and feature less common products, just to keep it interesting! But both those products get my stamp of approval as well as MAC Refined Golden.

So let's get chatting...

Vivo Baked Bronze (available in Tesco) - I got given this last year when I attended the second TOWIB (The Only Way is Blogging) event in April???? ish time! As soon as I got it, I was hooked. The most obvious similarity is between the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, but a whole lot cheaper! It's a gorgeous gold based warm bronze colour with slight shimmer which gives a beautiful sheen to the skin. I took this on holiday and used it everyday. It's also great as a body highlighter so collar bones, chest and shoulders...stunning! Back home and with a tan I also like to use this as a blusher, as it's so warm and has the shimmer, so it's a great 'sweep and go' product for lazy days when you want to look glowing and gorgeous! That and the fact it's about £5 do you need anymore reason to add it to your collection?

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer - This has been my go to bronzer for years! I constantly repurchase this and it's been a permanent fix in my makeup routine for as long as I can remember. Again, it's a lovely warm, red based bronzer and despite it having a very slight shimmer I use this all over my face to add warmth before adding my blush. It's quite pricey at around the £20 mark but lasts for ages, I'd say you'd probably only buy one a year and that's with using it everyday!

bareMinerals All Over Face Colour in Warmth - When I first got this I was quite skeptical as it's very dark, I thought, 'noway is this going all over my face wothout looking like I've fallen face first into a mud pie!' But, as you may know I'm a massive fan of bareMinerals so I gave it a chance. Now, it is very pigmented so be careful!! Start with hardly anything and build up. It's cooler toned than the other two but gives great all over warmth when you want to add some colour without looking overly tanned. It's also great as a contour. This is another expensive one so if you're uncertain about the fact that it's loose, try before you buy and practice!

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glint & Burnish - This was one of the first purchases that was Youtube enabled. When I first started really getting into Youtube beauty gurus it seemed everyone had this and I just couldn't resist. I love that you get the two shades, Glint is more gold whilst Burnish is more red, that can either be used alone in the winter or mixed together for extra warmth in the summer. The other great thing is the packaging. Like all Illamasqua compacts it's nice and substantial and has a great mirror! Again it has slight shimmer so gives a beautiful sheen to the skin, the cheats way to a flawless summer glow!

So do I have a favourite? Not really but if you want an all rounder, this may be somewhat surprising but I'd say, the Vivo Baked Bronze...hands down, I really cannot get enough of this product!

What are your favourite bronzers?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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