Ode to my long lost love...Dior Voluptuous Lipcare

I'll be honest, writing this post is tough...very tough as I no longer own the product this is dedicated to.

Let me explain, I work in an open plan office, I deal with lovely products every single day, I spend my weeks surrounded as delectable goodies pile up on my desk. The reason this is important is not me bragging, oh no, it's to stress that despite often becoming swamped in product, NOTHING has ever gone missing...until now. I had the product in question for a good few days when it suddenly became something I knew I was going to class as a favourite, something I would reach for everyday without fail. Knowing this I thought I'll add it to my teeny vanity area next to my Starbucks mug (which I've also had a few missing incidents with) on my desk. This area consists of a few key things I use throughout the day so it seemed like the perfect place. There it remained for weeks on end and every morning I would come in to be greeted by it's beautiful packaging. 

I then go on holiday for two weeks and FOOLISHLY, forget to pick it up amidst all the hand over, out of office set up debacle. I realise on that last met line ride home but think, it'll be fine, it's already set up shop for weeks and what disgusting person is gona swipe a half used lip balm?! 

Well...that person does exist, as upon my return, the desk looks undisturbed except for...the teeny patch in front of my mug where this used to stand proudly...

Dior Voluptuous Lipcare in 002 Crystal £22

Despite my best efforts, including sending out a company wide email (yes I love it that much) to this day we have not been reunited. But, tough as it is, I had to tell you about this product as within our short time together, I became involved, so involved I'm planning to repurchase.

So what is this? The Dior Voluptuous Lipcare, an amazing lip balm with a hint of colour. It's a similar product to the much loved Revlon Lip Butters, L'oreal Rouge Caresse and a new obsession, Giorgio Armani Rouge Sheers (more on them soon) only this is far more moisturising and as it says, a real lip care product. I don't have much else to say on the matter other than I need this back in my life as a matter of urgency, the only upside is I can get the colour I've been pining after, Crystal Coral, which I think would be much more suited to me. Other than that, whoever has this in their filthy mits knowing full well it's definitely NOT theirs, I hope you get a cold sore!

You may think I'm overreacting and just need to chill out, hey I left a freakin' Dior Lipstick unmanned on my desk for two weeks what did I expect, but, the thing about losing things at work is, regardless of what goes missing, lip balm, scissors, sellotape, your favourite mug or unopened milk (yes all this has happened to me), it's one of the most infuriating feelings! Don't work in an office? Just watch the episode of Friends entitled 'The One with Ross's Sandwich' and you'll start to understand my frustration! (Did you confuse it with your own Dior lipstick that was on my desk?!!!)

So anyway, rant over, and I hope it hasn't overshadowed how much I actually love this product and am urging you to obtain it, it's the perfect understated lip colour, more than a lip balm and not quite a lipstick it leaves your lips looking and feeling at their very best... no lie.

What beautiful things have you loved and lost?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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