Holiday Roundup..My week in Ibiza!

If you follow my Youtube channel you can't have failed to notice that I have just come back from the best holiday ever! I went to Ibiza with a couple of girlfriends and it was amazing! I've been to Ibiza once before about 4 years ago and my trip this year was ten times better and I'm desperate to go back next year!

So I thought I would do a little roundup in the form of an 'instagram' type post, although none of these were taken with instagram as if you really follow me, you'll know I lost my phone on New Year's Eve waaaaaaah! (Upgrade at the end of July, counting down the days!) So hopefully they give you a little insight into Ibiza - Enjoy!


Vintage Dress | H&M Bandeau, Topshop Skirt | H&M Bandeau, Vintage Levi Shorts | H&M bandeau (again!) Topshop Skirt | AA Unitard, Topshop Skirt | H&M Bandeau (once again!) Topshop Skirt

Here's just a few outfits I wore, not everything, these are all night ones and the only ones I took pics of! I know they may not seem particularly inspiring, sure, and the leopard bandeau got a lot of love! But I'm all about ease on holiday and so packed as minimal as possible and tried to mix up what I had!

Eating, drinking and general merriment...

First sight of the pool! | Just Arrived | Fanta Limon & Vodka | First Sunset | Holiday Makeup | Holiday Feet | Sangria! | Pizza | Another Sunset | Ocean Club Invite | Ocean Club Opening | Another Sunset! | More Sangria | For Hainsley | More Sangria! | Sushi & Noodles | Well Done Spain! | Holiday Beauty | The Last Supper | Bronzed Goddess!

As the holiday mostly consisted of sunbathing, eating, drinking and dancing most of these pics could be a bit boring to everyone who wasn't with me ha! But I thought I'd give you a little snapshot of my trip at least.

Have been anywhere on holiday, or are you going?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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