Summer Series: Top 10 Nail Polishes Brights vs Nudes

For the second installment of my summer series I wanted to focus on nails! Nail polish isn't really something that keeps me awake at night the way skincare or foundation does but, I do have a massive collection that seems to constantly be growing and I do really love buying them and trying out new techniques. They can just transform an outfit with one sweep and I may not be one for too much colour in my wardrobe but come summer I like to really go cray with the nails!

Disclaimer: Nearly all of these are Nails Inc or Model's Own. These are my two favourite brands and all I own, apologies if it gets a bit repetitive!


Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival, Nails Inc Wellington Square, Nails Inc Westbourne Grove, Models Own Pink Punch, Models Own Hed Kandi Hedonist

Like I say in summer I love a bright nail! I'm not a really a pastel girl as in, I'm not so much into the baby blues, mint greens and baby pinks of the world but I do love a pastel influenced, bold shade, like the first two in the picture above. Both subtle enough for pastel princesses but with the bold depth of colour, for a colour addict like me! The third orange one is a really obscure one. It's a fab colour but dries kind of 'gummy' I guess is the way to describe it, kind of looks like a boiled sweet? However it should be described it's the perfect summer statement colour, add to a tan and your ready for the beach bar! The last two are pretty similar to be honest although I do favour the Hed Kandi one. They're both perfect fluro shades but the Hed Kandi one is just slightly more 'in yer face'. It's got real rich, depth to it and will be my go to polish come Ibiza in two weeks!!  See it in person here and fall in love like me.

Barry M Mushroom, Models Own Slate Grey, Nails Inc Covent Garden Ballet, Models own Champagne, Nails Inc Floral Street, Nails Inc Nail Jewellery Burlington Arcade

For the rare days when the sun shines, or let's face it in England, is pissing down with rain, and I don't fancy any colour I love a nice, nudey, neutral shade. Barry M Mushroom is one of my long standing staple polishes. I go back to this time and time again, regardless of season. I think it's a really chic, grown up shade which compliments, without overshadowing, a chic, classic outfit. I've only just discovered the Models Own Slate Grey shade and this one really took me by surprise. In the bottle it looks a bit, mer, but it's just a great shade for days when you need to cover your nails and not add any sort of statement. A great everyday colour that can easily go from work to play at any time of year. The Nails Inc Covent Garden Ballet (how lovely is that name) is a gorgeous pearlescent, taupe shade. The picture really doesn't do it justice and as it came in the most beautiful set with 3 other just as gorgeous shades I may well do a separate post on these just so you can see how to die for this is! The last two are kind of on a two for one deal. The Nails Inc Nail Jewellery has to go over another colour, it's nothing by itself. And Burlington Arcade looks stunning over white. the boyf calls them my toothpaste nails and to be honest, they do remind me of that! The glitter is all different sizes and catches the light like diamonds, a real eye catcher to any magpies out there! Just think Colgate Max White toothpaste and you'll get the idea!!

What are your favourite summer nail polishes?

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Until the next post!

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