In the eye of the beholder...

For years and years all I've used on my eyes is The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel. This is a product I wasn't particularly happy with as in, it was OK but I didn't really feel it was doing much to improve my eye area, but I have really sensitive and eyes and other eye creams I'd previously tried, ranging from Estee Lauder to Simple, left my eyes feeling sore, dry and flakey.

I then got given this by Clinique...

Clinique All About Eyes £23

Clinique is a brand I'd never really dabbled in. All I'd heard about them was that they will basically burn your skin off as the products are so chemical. This always baffled me as the brand is renowned for being 'hypo-allergenic', 'fragrance free' and all that jazz. Either way the risk was too much and I steered well clear as my skin can sometimes be sensitive and I just didn't want to risk it. A few months ago I was then given a few products to try and without expecting too much I went ahead.

All I can say is I have a completely renewed view of Clinique. I am wary of a few products sure but, overall I've been trialing a few for the last few months and I'm so happy with all of them, I really think I've found some new go to skincare products I'll carry on using for a long time which always makes me happy!

This product, the Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream, has to be one of my, if not the star find of the bunch. It's the usual thick-ish, cream-gel consistency with no scent. It claims to de-puff and reduce fine lines and dark circles as well as help make up to stay in place. I have been using this every night for about 3 months and I love it! It doesn't irritate my eyes at all and whereas with my Body Shop Elderflower, if I used concealer I could always see some dry, flakey areas under my eyes I just couldn't get rid of, this doesn't happen with Clinique. My eye area is smooth and hydrated. I really cannot rave enough about this product as it was such a surprise find, I really am chuffed to have it in my life as I finally have an eye cream I actually feel is looking after my eye area and benefiting me long term!

As I say I have a few Clinique bits I'm trialing and really enjoying so I'm sure these will all pop up at some point so do look out for them!

Have you tried any Clinique?

What are your favourite eye creams?

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Until the next post!

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