Taming the Mane: It's Moroccanoil but lighter!

So I was never bothered about Moroccanoil. I loved the idea of it, swooned over the packaging but I'm the kind of gaaaal who likes her barnet pretty rough and ready, basically like I've been dragged through a bush.  I begrudgingly have to use conditioner just so I can get a brush through it but ONLY through the ends. If I use conditioning treatments, or a leave in conditioner I hate how soft and limp my hair goes. I like big, cripsy,voluminous hair and if it's too soft it goes as flat as Rosie's off Chelsea - not a good look.

However, I did love the idea of hair oils but just thought they're gona be waaaaaay too heavy for my hair, my hair isn't particularly thick but then it's not particularly fine, somewhere in the middle but I am by no means a moroccan beauty with a long, lustrous mane...although I pray for one everyday!

So, if you follow my escapades closely you'll know I recently bleached me ends didn't I?! And with bleach comes dry ends, I must admit they're not too bad at all, that could be due to the fact I haven't cut for years and my ends are so dead there's no more damage that can be done! But I do plan to re-bleach so I thought perhaps I should start looking into some kind of oil based treat to keep the breaking at bay. 

So last week I was innocently procrastinating at work and having a browse on Feel Unique, as you do, and I came across this.

Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment £12.85 for 25ml

This is the Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment which is specifically designed for fine and light coloured hair. Now, as I mentioned before I haven't used the other Moroccanoil so I can't say how different in texture or how much lighter it is than the original, but the fact that it's the lighter version instantly drew me too it.  

So I parted with my £12.85 and here we are now. 

So what do I think?

I've only used it a couple of times so don't quote me but initially,  I must say, I really do like it. I instantly felt like my ends were a lot softer but not weighed down, it's as if they had no product on them at all! The other huge bonus is a little goes a long way, I need about the size of a 5p piece and I massage it ino the bleached ends of my hair. It is pretty pricey for the 100ml at £30 but, if this continues to go well I will heavily consider purchasing as, especially with my impending holiday and hopefully some warmer months on the horizon, I know I'll get the use out of it. 

As I say I've only used it twice so I still need to figure out what routine I'm going to have with it. At first I thought once a week but as it's so light, and I love how it makes my hair feel, I'm thinking perhaps every other wash? Let me know if you use it and how often as I'd love to know what works for other people.

Do you use any other hair oil treatments?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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