Summer Series: Origins A Perfect World BB Cream

Sun's out and you know what that means in the UK, short shorts and bikini's in the park. Even if there's a chill in the air...the sun's out, it must be boiling, it must be summer!

So I thought I'd move on from Spring Palettes, which I never actually finished eeek, to Summer Series. This is a basically a quick..ish, easy blog post of anything I'm using because it's summer, summer, summertime.

And here's the first product!

Origins A Perfect World BB Cream £27

I'm new to BB creams. I'm an oily girl who needs/prefers a lot of coverage day to day, in the summer I may move onto a tinted moisturiser if my skins good but I'd heard BB creams were less coverage and basically a really watered down tinted moisturiser so I always thought, a pretty pointless product for me. I'd also heard that Western versions are rubbish and if it's not Asian, don't bother!

But, I'm a girl who's open to anything so upon receiving this I thought...why the hell not?!

I couldn't help but be somewhat suspicious as it's quite clear on the bottle that the BB label has been stuck on and it does in fact say tinted moisturiser on the packaging, pretty mixed messaging as I thought they were two different products, non? But whatevs, we won't dwell, who am I to challenge?

Coverage is as you'd expect...well there isn't any, but, what it does do noticeably well is even out the skin tone. I instantly noticed that my skin looked really good and even my pores looked noticeably smaller, any product that does this is a massive thumbs up from me as oily skin = huuuuuuuge pores, you could live in those things. So with this in mind, it would work great as a primer under a lightweight foundation like, for example, my beloved bareMinerals, or any mineral powder. I mentioned in a previous post that mineral powders tend to sit in the 'craters' of my face so without primer they're a no go for me, so this product, fab for that and a great alternative to my Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin on days when I don't want any luminosity.

It does say it's formulated to be anti-aging, add radiance, make the skin look healthy and hydrated and bar the anti aging, of which I wouldn't have an answer to for a few years, it does do all those things. The other great thing about it is the shade range. Unlike other versions this one comes in a whopping 6 shades! The only thing is the light, which I have, isn't actually that light. I'm a MAC NC20 and it's still kind of dark so if you're lighter than that, you may struggle for it to suit. Saying that it does blend in very well and it's not heavy coverage so perhaps worth a trial run.

Overall I'd say, for £27, this is pretty steep for something that I would class, for me, as a 'lazy day product' and not exactly an essential, i have other things that do the same and slightly better. The sun don't come round often enough in the UK to warrant having this in my permanent stash replacing my Mercier Tinted Moisturiser but, for the time that I have this I will definitely be reaching for it on days where I am mostly hanging out with the boyf, going to the supermarket/doctors/shopping and perhaps even coffee with a friend on a really good day, but whether it's that essential to me that I'd need to repurchase? Let's see how it goes, I'm not saying definitely not or 100% yes, I'm on the fence...getting splinters in me arse! It's also not great for oily skin so on really hot days...let's just hope I have a tan!

The only other thing is the smell. Most Origins products have this fake orange tang to them, I really hate the smell of real orange so fake orange is even worse...and fake orange all over my face...bleurgh. The scent doesn't last though so if I hold my breath on application and wash my hands straight after, we're all good!

What do you think of BB Creams? Miracle worker or watered down tinted moisturiser?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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