Shopping the stash: Barry M Lipstick in 54

Don't you just love it when you find a stash of makeup you completely forgot about?! Well that's exactly what happened to me this week.

I've always been keen to try a Bazza M lipstick, sure I've got the nail polishes to last me a lifetime but I've never dabbled in the makeup. So many times I'd almost bought one but luckily, I never did and now I have been reunited with this little love!

Barry M Lipstick in 54

I've mentioned before I'm not really a high street/drugstore girl, I have nothing against high street/drugstore makeup and it has massively improved since my early makeup days, but there really are only a handful of products I really like and these are like holy grail ones that I would never stray from. I'm also not one to try things just out of curiosity, especially not drugstore/high street makeup, I don't know why I'd just rather put my money towards a bit of Nars/Illamasqua/MAC action, I guess it's the aspiring rich girl in me, always out for luxury...although my pay packet doesn't quite let me...yet!

So yes onto the matter at hand, I rediscovered this whilst looking through my gargantuan makeup collection this week on a mad rampage for a really old Estee Lauder Doublewear (which I did also end up finding...score) I was given this as a secret santa gift years ago and as I was a maaaaajor high street makeup snob back then, I didn't pay too much attention, and upon finding it, I cannot understand why!

You all know of my recent penchant for orange lippies and this is such a welcome addition. It's a matte coral/orange colour which is perfect for my summer palette! I'll be honest, the formula isn't great, when I say matte, I mean really matte, like rip your lips off matte, but, if I wear this on top of a matte lip balm, like say for instance my new favourite one by Dior, the finish is really lovely, but yes, never wear by itself, I can just feel the dry, cracked, lumpy lips now!

Have you tried any Bazza M makeup? Any recommendations?

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Until the next post!

love, love, love

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