Lip Glossiping: New Benefit Lip Glosses

Yes I 'borrowed' part of the title from one of my fav bloggers Charlotte from Lipglossiping, but it's defo more of an homage!!

So I have a pretty open love/hate relationship with Benefit makeup. When I was younger I thought i wanted everything from them, but growing up and getting more into makeup, there's probably about a handful of products I actually like, the rest I find gimmicky, very gifty and ridiculously overpriced. One thing they do do well though is put on a great event, so I was excited to go to the launch of their new range of lipglosses as their 'Her Glossiness' range was one I genuinely loved (RIP-Benefit if you're reading please bring those back!)

I had no idea what was launching but upon arrival I fell in love! The infamous boxed blushers are every makeup addicts must have and again, these are one of the products I really love but just couldn't bare to part with £23.50 for a rather impractically packaged blusher...although saying that I do love the packaging, and there we have it, my Benefit love/hate embodied in boxed blushers!

So in short Benefit are launching a lipgloss to accompany each boxed blusher due for release in July.

Benefit Sugarbomb Boxed Blush and Lipgloss*

Benefit Hoola Blush and Lipgloss*

Benefit Dandelion Blush and Lipgloss*

Benefit Dallas Blush and Lipgloss*

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush and Lipgloss*

Benefit Coralista Blush and Lipgloss*

So I must say a huge, huge thankyou to Benefit as like I say I do love the boxed blushers, especially Coralista which I have pined over for months, and I never thought I'd own one let alone all of them, and ones like Bella Bamba, Dallas and Dandelion that didn't really interest me at first, I adore so much, I'm all set for blushers for a very long time!

As you can see the glosses vary from a shimmery/sheen to more pigmented tint, similar to the Benetint Lip Balm. To be honest, once they're on there isn't a huge amount of difference, it really is a very, very light wash of colour. The other thing is they do taste slightly synthetic so I'm not sure how good for you they are if you swallow too much! But they aren't sticky which is the main thing I look for a in a lipgloss, they apply well and staying power is pretty good. I'd say my favourites are Coralista, obvs and Dandelion, blusher wise however I am loving Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb and Dallas, very unexpected as they didn't really stand out to me before. I've also added Hervana to my list of must haves, could I be becoming a Benefit convert?!

Do you love the Benefit boxed blushers? Which ones you're favourite?

I may also do a post on the event itself so keep your eyes peeled for that as it really was lovely!

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Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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