I Love Lettuce: My first Lush face mask

If you read my Lush post from aaaaaages ago you'll know I was NOT a Lush lover, not at all. All I thought about Lush was smelly bath bombs and overly eager chicks with lank hair and yellow teeth...duno why but natural brands with vegan friendly products just scream that to me!

Then a few months ago the unthinkable happened, I had a Lush intervention. It all started because of Miss Glamourazzi on Youtube. She bloody loves Lush and she always bangs on about the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and this is what snared me. All of a sudden I'm googling Lush face mask reviews, deciding what's best for me and before I know it, I'm in Lush asking for a sample of Love Lettuce and Sacred Truth. The reason for these two? I always exfoliate every week, perhaps twice so Love Lettuce seemed perfect and I also fancied something nice and hydrating as my oily skin screams out for moisture on a regs basis, enter Sacred Truth.

So yes, home I come with samples, which lasted for ages by the way I defo recommend, and in love I fell. I decided to go back and purchase the Love Lettuce as like I say I like a good exfoliation and I also have a pretty good skincare routine going on so didn't feel like I needed a tub of Sacred Truth just yet. I'm also conscious that as they are 'fresh face masks' meaning they are all natural products that need to be kept in the fridge, they do go off after about a month to six weeks and I didn't wana waste any by neglecting it and before you know it, hello mould!

As you can see the consistency is kind of creamy, it's quite thick like a gel with a green, lettuce colour to it. As it's an exfoliating mask it contains ground almonds and ground almond shells along with seaweed gel, honey, almond oil, kaolin and french lavender (which you can really smell) so it really does feel fresh on the skin. I love that the fresh face masks are kept in the fridge as again, I think this makes them really refreshing, I can imagine in Summer they'd feel even better!

I do find it can be quite abrasive but due to the oils in it it's quite a soothing exfoliant and strong enough to lift away dead skin cells and leave skin really bright and refreshed. Afterwards my skin just feels and looks amazing, so so soft but not too oily as in, I don't feel like there's a film on my skin like with other oil based products. I use this once or twice a week depending on how my skin is and I have to say, I think it's a keeper. I'm keen to try a couple of the other fresh face masks but for now this is perfect.

Have you tried any fresh face masks?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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