A Blush for all Seasons: Sisley Palette Orchidee Highlighter Blush

Sisley Palette Orchidee Highlighter Blush with White Lily £60

So this a tad tardy on my part as upon starting to draft this blog I have come to the realisation that this product is a) possibly limited edition and b) sold out everywhere!

But I couldn't not blog about this product as it's just such a gorgeous palette and fast becoing a staple in my makeup collection. I have recently been reaching for this when I just want one sweep of product so I get a flush of colour and highlight all in one. 

The Palette Orchidee is the hero product of the SS12 Sisley Tropical Orchid Collection. Emblazoned in the centre is the iconic Sisley Orchid and as you can see the packaging is just delicious, as you'd expect with the price, although looking through the rest of the Sisley powder collection this type of packaging is uncommon so it's a real collectors piece. And the actual product itself is so so pretty. It's a mix of coral, beige, pink, apricot and golden tones which is just perfect for me as beigey/peachy shades are great on my skin, pure pink not so much, but the touch of pink in this palette is really warming on the complexion against the coral and apricot. The highlight running through the centre of the lily design is perfect for adding a subtle sheen and not overly glowy, again great as I get so oily throughout the day!

All in all I really love this product but am using it sparsely...strictly for best! I'm not one to regularly part with £60 for a blush so I actually want this to last forever! I've been trailing a few Sisley products recently and although it's very luxury in terms of price, I am very impressed with the quality, the lipsticks are pure luxury in every way so look out for a post on these soon!

Have you tried any Sisley products?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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