2012 Cosmo Blog Awards plea!

Right, so, this is awkward.

Now I know, most of you that may be reading this post may not be that familiar with me, my blog, my youtube, my twitter or my actual human self. You may have simply stumbled across this on your way to viviannadoesmakeup...I wish!

Basically, I am, in a rather undignified way, asking for your support, as I would really love to be nominated for the 2012 Cosmo Blog Awards in the New Beauty Blogger category.

Now,  despite the dates on the right hand side I've only been 'seriously' blogging since about Sept last year, so I feel I'm pretty fledgling to this whole blogging sphere.

But, I think I have potential and above all, I really enjoy it whipping up a good blog! Whether it gets 1 view or 1 thousand views, every blog I write I really enjoy and take a huge amount of pride in.

I am by no means doing this as a way of becoming a 'celebrity' style blogger, it's just one of those goals that I have for myself at this point in my blogging life. I don't do things by halves, but then saying that, I have no expectation/intentions that I would ever win anything like this, at this point the only thing that would make me so so happy, is a nomination, which, to be honest, I think is probs asking quite a lot!

So, to cut a short story long! I am just putting it out there to anyone that comes across this post, that should you wish to nominate this little blog space for the 2012 Cosmo Blog Awards Best New Beauty Blogger...I'd be well up for it!

Lucky for you there's no limit to nominations so even if I'm one amongst a million that you are also nominating, just tack me onto the end.

So what are you waiting for?! Get nominating here.

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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