Product Rave: Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

Oh Tom Ford...

I can't begin to describe my excitement when I was handed this gorgeous tube. Now at £32 a pop this is pretty luxe as far as lip glosses go. I would never think/be able to spend this much on a product purely out of curiosity but thanks to zee day job I have been afforded the opportunity to try something from my most coveted makeup line!

Naturally at these sort of prices you would expect the quality to be good well, better than good, amazing! So is it really worth parting with a weeks food shop just to pimp up your pout with a Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss?

Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Rose Crush £32

So I have it in the shade Rose Crush and I'll be honest, on first glance looking at it in the packaging, it's not the usual shade I would have gravitated towards had I been choosing myself, but upon application, I really do like it. 

It's a brown toned nude which really just enhances my natural lip colour, in the words of Vivianna, it's the perfetc 'your lips but better shade'. It applies like a dream, glides on effortlessly with no sticky, gloopy sensation which usually puts me off lip glosses. Staying powers pretty good and it doesn't dry out my lips too much either. If I had one teeny, tiny gripe it would be that the brush applicator isn't rigid enough, but this neither hinders nor enhances application it's just OK, I can live with it, so that really is just me being picky.

Is it worth the money? The formula is great and I do love the packaging, I'm also impressed by the colour range as it goes from peachy nudes through to bright red and show stopping violet, there really is a shade to suit any taste.

It also reminds me of a Lip Gloss/Balm I had from Chantecaille aaaaaages ago that my brother, who knows how, picked out for me as a Christmas present. I remember falling in love with the formula of it as it was unlike any other I tried before (bare in mind at that stage of my makeup life my most expensive lip gloss was probably a Lancome Juicy Tube and how horrendous were they?!) and never replacing it as it was pretty expensive, probs around the £30 mark, and then when I got to the age when I could make my excuses for such a purchase (student loan's just come through, still living at home, no rent to pay) it had been be honest it seems to be sparsely available in the US but nowhere in the UK so to me, it's over, please let me know if you know any different or if you can get it anywhere! So I really do welcome this to fill the Chantecaille lip gloss shaped gap in my makeup drawer.

If you can afford/fancy a splurge I'd say definitely do it, it really is a well deserved treat! If you can't quite justify the price, keep it for the birthday list. Let's be honest, this is purely flamboyant, it's not doing anything particularly groundbreaking, except breaking the bank, it's definitely not an essential, but, for a brand junkie like myself, however you choose to obtain it, I really do recommend every beauty addict to own at least one!

Have you tried any of the Tom Ford Colour Range?

Until the next post.

Love, love, love,

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