Product Rave: My love affair with the bareMinerals Starter Kit (and it's a pretty long one!)

Now I was pretty skeptical about this brand, it never really appealed to me as I love liquid foundations and am pretty oily after a full day at work so something about just using loose powder as a foundation made me think...nah, not gona work. I thought it seemed pretty expensive and couldn't justify £24 on loose powder, dunno why it just seemed really expensive to me!

So as I've mentioned before thanks to the old day job I do get to try out a good few products on a weekly basis...every girls dream right, so I jumped at the chance to visit the Bare Escentuals boutique in Covent Garden when I was invited for one of their 'Make Unders'. I felt apprehensive and went fully armed with my usual makeup products just incase I came out looking way too powdered/cake faced or heaven forbid, pale! So, like I say I do get to try products through work, but rest assured, anything I put on this blog that is from work is because I genuinely love it.

So the Make Under is basically a make over using bareMinerals products and I cannot urge you enough to have one if you're even slightly intrigued about bareMinerals. One of the massive reasons I never took to bareMinerals was because I simply didn't know how to apply it and this is what you learn at the 'Make Under'. Buff it in with the Full Flawless Face Brush (an amazing brush FYI) and repeat with as many layers as desired. Sounds obvious but I really had no idea!!

So here's what I came out looking like...

Flawless right? I couldn't believe the finish, it was gorgeous and I felt like I looked really healthy and well, radiant I guess! And what's more bareMinerals is as good for your skin as make up can be due to it being packed with gorgeous mineral ingredients as well as letting your skin breath throughout the day as it doesn't clog pores, great for oily gaaals like me.

The next step on from the Make Under is the Get Started kit. This is great for, well like it says, getting started! It contains everything you need to get the gorgeous bareMinerals finish at home.

bareMinerals Prime Time primer, bareMinerals All Over Face Warmth, bareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder, bareMinerals Matte Foundation

bareMinerals Concealer brush, bareMinerals Full Flawless Face brush, bareMinerals Flawless Face brush

So in the kit you get everything you need plus brushes for £49, I think the price is great considering the foundation alone is £25 and one brush is about £24! And I do LOVE the brushes especially the Full Flawless Face brush which is pretty big and perfect for buffing in the foundation. You get to customise it with your chosen foundation, I went for the matte version as, like I mentioned earlier, I do get very oily towards the end of the day, in the shade Fairly Light. One product I must mention is the primer, I love it. It's so light and doesn't feel like your adding any product at all to the skin but creates a lovely smooth base, I'm not really into primers as I tried Benefit Porefessional but found it left me feeling really greasy and caked in product, not with bareMinerals Prime Time, it really sinks into the skin and leaves nooo residue at all, I've found my perfect primer!

bareMinerals Matte Foundation in Fairly Light

So let's chat abit more about the other two tubs in the pack.

bareMinerals All Over Face Warmth, bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil

The All Over Face Warmth is basically a contouring shade and really helps to warm up the complexion before adding blush, this way you don't over do it! The Mineral Veil is a really fine finishing powder which is perfect for touch ups during the day. It adds no colour or weight to your make up so great for Spring, or alone in Sumer when your skin's at it's best.

You also get a handbook/guide thing and a DVD which I haven't watched yet but it has demos on which again, for something like bareMinerals where learning the application technique is so important, is perfect! It really helps you get the most out of your product as well as looking as good as you can with it.

Cheeky Additions

Now these two don't come in the kit but they are definitely worth looking into if you find, like me, you become an unexpected bareMinerals convert! They're also great if you just fancy dipping your toe into bareMinerals and not diving straight into the foundation purchase...stupid pun.

bareMinerals Pure Radiance, bareMinerals blush in Beauty

The Pure Radiance All Over Face Colour is similar to Warmth which comes in the kit but has a touch more shimmer, more like a highlighter, it's quite peachy and adds more of a sheen to the skin, again great for Spring/Summer especially with a tan! I do also have the Rose Radiance which I got aaaaaages ago when I was a teeny, tiny intern and this is gorgeous for the more English Rose types out there as it's a rosey/pink sheen, gorgeous as a highlight or even body shimmer. The blush in Beauty is also lovely, it can be applied lightly and as you see from my little mug earlier, it's a really natural flush of colour which can be built upon.

bareMinerals Buxom Lip Gloss in Amber

As the name Buxom suggests, this is a lip plumping gloss so it has that cooling sensation a few seconds after you apply. The colour is gorgeous, a peachy gloss with a golden sheen but again, really natural. It's not as sticky as other glosses I've used but it does have slight stickiness to it, but, if you can look past that it's defo a winner in my book.

So there you have it, my new obsession, and just in time for Spring! I think bareMinerals is perfect for Spring when you want a fresher, slightly dewier finish and each product can be used alone with just as much impact.

I'm planning to do a video over on my Youtube channel showing how I use all these gorge products and perhaps translate it into a tutorial on zee blog but we'll see, but yeh do keep an eye out for that if you're feeling intrigued! If you can't wait till then I definitely recommend heading down and getting a Make Under should you have a spare half hour, so, so worth it!

What do you think of bareMinerals?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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