Pay Day Splurrrrge...

We all do it, pay day comes around and we just can't help ourselves, finally we can that little treat/treats we've had our eyes on all month and for me, this months treat was Topshop Makeup.

I had a mini birthday Topshop splurge last October and since then have had my eye on the ever growing collection. One thing in particular that I love about Topshop makeup is the lipsticks. They are such an amazing formula and rival all my MAC ones. The colour choice has expanded since it first launched and I feel like I want them all, but for now, I'll stick with these!

So I'll start with the lipsticks as they are my favourites!

This is 'Charmed' from the Sisters of the New Moon collection. I didn't intend to pick this up but I saw it and couldn't resist. Now it looks really bright in the picture but it's actually a really gorgeous nude, coral colour, hopefully the swatch shows this of better, which is perfect for me. Nude peach, nude brown, nude beige, can all be abit iffy on me although that doesn't stop me insisting on trying to make them work for me but, this nude is actually perfect and with a slight orange hue just lingering in the background, it's perfect for summer! Another thing i love about this lipstick is the packaging. Everything about it,the box is lovely and the tube itself is alot larger and more robust than the core Topshop lipsticks, a real statement to pull out on the morning commute.

Now this looks ALOT redder in the picture but it's actually pretty orange, again I think the swatch shows this better. I first saw this Infrared in a haul from Zoella on Youtube last September I think it was, and since then I've had it on the radar, but just never picked it up, all change this weekend and I finally made it mine. You'll notice both lipsticks are orange toned and that is because this summer, orange is the new red, so I thought why not, you can never have too many! Once the tan is on I think both will be goooooorge.

I just had to pick up a cream blusher, I've heard so much about them and upon swatching, I love the finish. It's a really blendable cream formula that looks like a powder in the pan and sets to a powder instantly. The great thing is how it blends seamlessly, unlike other cream blushers I've tried, ahem MAC ahem, it doesn't cake on the skin and look patchy, as soon as you apply it blends perfectly into the skin. The only down side is there isn't a wide range of shades, they are all pink toned apart from this one, Head Over Heels which is more peachy, but still quite pink. Fingers crossed a wider range will become available, perhaps around Autumn we'll start to see a few beige/copper toned hues!

Now this was a very naughty last minute purchase! Going into the store I knew I'd be tempted and I tried my hardest to resist but, if there's one makeup product I LOVE buying, it's highlighters. I loved how this Sunbeam one was yellow toned, a bit like Too Faced Candlelight, rather than the general, white or pink tones. I think this will be fab for summer as a cheekbone, brow, body, everywhere highlight, it is just so gorgeous in tone and texture and really pigmented, I love!

Have you been tempted by Topshop Makeup?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love

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