A little luxury: Sisley Instant Perfect

If there's one thing I never thought I'd own it's products as expensive as Sisley. But once again the day job has been kind to me and I have a few products to review!

First up is the Sisley Instant Perfect which is essentially a skin priming product. Not being a primer type gaaaal this is a real stretch for the old bank balance at £40.50!

Sisley Instant Perfect £40.50

Like I say I'm not a primer person, the ones I've tried I think make my skin feel greasier and overloaded. I get really oily so I just feel like primer adds to this and creates another layer which feels quite heavy on my skin.

The Sisley Instant Perfect claims to be a corrective, skin enhancing product to give an instant beauty boost. I do agree with this, it comes out as a white creamy consistency and I apply it to my T-Zone, as I have enlarged pores and get oily, as well as onto the tops of my cheeks where I get redness. As soon as I do, I instantly see a reduction in redness as well as it instantly mattifying my skin, which is great in the morning as it means less time spent waiting for moisturiser to soak in, it also makes a really light base for makeup. As it contains silicone you could also use this under the eyes to plump them out and reduce creasing with concealers and correctors.

Overall I have really enjoyed using this but due to the price I would only reserve it for night's out and not everyday. I don't think you really get very much at all considering how expensive it is, just 20ml which, if you're not using it everyday is OK but I think it should be at least 30ml. I also don't think it has any sort of 'long lasting' benefits as in, I haven't really noticed that my makeup stays on longer or looks fresher by the end of the day, it doesn't claim to do this but it is something I would expect to have from a priming product, I still get oily by early afternoon and need to top up with my bareMinerals powder.

So to sum up, not an essential product for me but definitely the best primer I've tried so, if you are a primer person, I'd really recommend it.

Have you been impressed by any primers?

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