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With all this sunshine and me in bed poorly...still! All I can do to partake in the sunshine in some way is talk about new make ups! I have decided to do a few blog posts on my 'Spring Palette' so it's things that I will be reaching for for Spring, as the title suggests! This is the first in the 'series' and covers the face! (Just colour on the face, no base/foundation talk)

With new season comes a new palette and thanks to my day job! I am currently in love with these ones from Dior. I've never had Dior 'face' make up before, which is a bit funny thinking about it as I swear by Diorshow mascara and love their Addict lip glosses, I think due to the price I don't find them an essential thing to invest in but think they are great for presents!

*Gratuitous packaging shots coming up!*

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Royal Kaki*

The thing I love most about Dior make up is the packaging, it really makes the product for me. As you can see they come in this gorgeous velvet sleeve and the compact itself is really robust, something I do favour when it comes to packaging! I love how it's kind of retro like something my mum would've used when I was a bubba.

This palette is gorgeous for Spring, the amount of colours you can get out of it are endless once you start mixing but equally, to keep it simple for Spring each colour by itself, perhaps bar the black, is stunning as a wash of colour on the lid.

As you can see the shimmer tones are so gorgeous as a wash of colour or highlight to the tear duct, the pigmentation is also great and wear of the shadow is fab.

*more gratuitous packaging shots*

Diorskin Blush in Sunkissed Cinammon*

Not sure if you can even see this swatch but hopefully it's helpful!

Just take a moment for the packaging please!

As I say I've never had a Dior Blush before and after receiving this I really want to get more, if not only for t packaging! The pigmentation isn't particularly strong, it's a very, very sheer, flush of colour and I wouldn't say it was particularly 'cinnamon' as it's quite pink, but either way, another great addition to the palette for Spring and especially as an everyday, go to blush! Not with the brush it comes with though, I have to get out the 129 to get the kind of flush I crave.

Look out for my next Spring Palette blog post coming up!

Until then!

Love, love, love,

*PR Sample

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