Shopping the stash...

Just a quick post from my sick bed!! I'm currently coughing and snotting all over the place and it's been soooo sunny all day and I've got a long weekend off of work just to spend in bed...great! So, rant over, I thought I'd cheer myself up with a blog!

I'm trying, but failing, to be frugal as the year goes on, my cash has been so bad for so long I'm trying to take charge and really embrace adulthood...adulthood to me meaning having my own money, not struggling and being able to pay bills and not have to starve in the process!

So part of this initiative is using up products from my ever growing 'stash'. Between impulse buys, xmas/bday gifts and freebies from work, over the years I have built up quite the stash of make up, skincare and body products, so I am making efforts to dip in and start using stuff up, instead of constantly adding to it!

I got given the Chanel Chance gift for Xmas about 2 years ago which contained the EDT and this body lotion. Whenever I've been given fragrance gift sets I never really care about any sort of bath/shower gel, body lotion extras, all I'm after is the perfume. I don't know why I just think they're gonna be too perfumed and not very moisturising, that is until now.
I ran out of my trusty everyday Palmers Coco Butter and in a bid to stay baby soft during the in between days before I could get to a Superdrug, I slapped this on. OMG it is amazing! Not for everyday wear sure, but for those times when I wanna smell really 'sexy' like on a night out or date night with the boyf, I will definitely be reaching for this, it's really light but surprisingly moisturising and the scent really penetrates into the skin and last for ages. It's also great for layering your fragrance when you want to have a really intense, long lasting, scent, just spray it over the top and if you really wanna be next level in the scent stakes, reapply another layer of lotion, you'll be radiating Chanel for days!

What products have you recently rediscovered from shopping your stash?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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