Where the Wild Things Are

I don't know how this trend began or even where I saw it first, but it's something I am becoming more and more obsessed with - mystical, animal printed t shirts and/or jumpers.

The only reference I can think of in order for you guys to try and make sense of it is a kind of hippie/wicca/glastonbury/summer solstice type vibe. Heavy metal gigs being played in the sweaty concrete basement of a backstreet pub, with leather clad bearded men and crushed velvet, patchouli smelling chicks waving their arms around in some kind of mystic trance with hessian bags and henna dyed long, straggly hair...the kind of people I used to associate Lush with before I recently jumped on the bandwagon (upcoming post alert, keep your eyes out!) But yeah, perhaps not the most obvious of emerging trends but I've seen this gradually bubbling up around The Ditch and it's a trend I am looking to expand into ASAP.

Let me give you a clearer idea of what I mean.

Tie Dye, howling wolves, moonlight - ideal.

And if this isn't quite your thing, never fear, it's not just the mystical, twilight world of the were wolf that I'm keen to have emblazoned across my chest. All winter I've also had this little love on the ebay radar and I am keen to purchase this soon as.

I reckon green like a schoolgirl right?

And courtesy of one of the most stylish chicks, I think, of the moment Kate over at www.youtube.com/katethisiswhatido I am now obsessed by these dog tees. It's as close to Givenchy as I'm ever going to get.

The Rottweiler or the Dobermen? Always a tough choice.

What 'quirky' trends have you got your eye on?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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