Open for business...

Yes that's right is officially in business as of now, marked by the arrival business cards!!!

So I went with the bloggers choice du jour, just because all the ones I'd seen had turned out so good and it was tried and tested...and if it's good enough for Lily Pebbles, who am I to argue!

They came in this handy case featuring a compartment for my cards and a compartment for 'theirs' which is great for on the go and keeping them all in one place, especially for blogger events where you can pick up sooo many cards and just throw them I defo won't lose them (eek!)

And here they are, you will have to excuse I blurred out my surname and email just's the internet innit can never be too sure! I am so happy with how they've turned out, I wasn't sure whether the grey font would be too light but I'm so glad I went with it as I think it really goes with the matt finish of the cards as well as the rounded edges. All in all very impressed with Moo, they even shipped them about a week before the estimated date so even happier! 

So that's me all grown and profesh!

Have you got business cards? Where are they from?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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