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As I mentioned in my previous post the sister went to New York for Xmas didn't she?! As any make up lover knows, New York, and America in general, is home to our very own Mecca aka Sephora! Upon sister's request of,'What shall I bring back', the obligatory Jolly Rancher, Fruit Roll Up request was quickly followed by 'oh and anything from Sephora!'

And this is what she came up with...

The Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette - In The Nude

Top - Cream, Light Bronze, Soft Gold, Peach, Taupe
Bottom - Silver, Deep Brown, Honey Brown, Deep Sienna, Plum

Another nude palette?! Yes it looks like it is. I have such a weakness for nude palettes, even if I don't use them I feel like I have this mission to own every single one that exists! I do however think this is a lot different to the other nude palettes I own, the obvious one being that they are baked eyeshadows, not dissimilar to the MAC mineralized eyeshadow shades.  I also like the warmth of it and that it features tones of pink/berry/silver and not just your regular gold/bronze/brown tones.


The palette is really shimmery, hence the name moonshadow, but the shadows are so finely milled that the dreaded fall out doesn't seem to be an issue, take heed Urban Decay! The colours blend really easily and I love that they can all either be blended together or are just as effective as an all over lid colour by themselves.  The packaging is also great with a fab mirror that spans the entire length and breadth of the palette, my favourite kind!!

Sephora Highlighting Compact Powder -  Dore (Golden)

I was so happy to receive this highlighter as I kind of collect them. It comes in two shades, Golden and Rose, and this one is the more Golden one called Dore.  What I love about this highlighter is the tone, it's a really warm peachy gold tone which is perfect for the winter months to help warm up the complexion, as well as being great in the summer months to enhance a tan! All my other highlighters are on the more pearlescent side with tones of either pink or white/pearl so this is a welcome addition to my collection. also love the little star design,such a cute touch. 


As you can see from the top image it looks highly pigmented when applied with the fingertips however it blends out so well it just becomes a gorgeous sheen on the skin.  Due to the pigmentation I do also think that packed onto the eyelid this could be a great tone on summer evenings.

And last but not least these both came inside this gorge make up bag from Bloomies!

It's that kind of oil cloth fabric and I love how big and obnoxious it is! The perfect bag to take out and slam down on the table as if to say, this is my make up and what?!

What American make up do you love?!

Until the next post,

Love, love, love

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