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So as some of you may or may not know I moved a couple of months ago. There's something about moving that I think is really good for the soul! You get to go through all your old stuff, rearrange, re-organise and even chuck a good load out and start all over again. I find it a really cathartic experience, a way of giving yourself a fresh start at any time of the year.

And with a fresh start comes fresh stuff!! Well for me anyway, another reason I like to move, especially if your moving somewhere with more space, is because I can raid the likes of Ikea, M&S and my new favourite place for home pieces, Urban Outfitters.  I spend hours trawling through pages thinking, 'What do I need? What other shit can I possibly fill my life with?!' and hence, the reason for this post!

I have accumulated a couple of...well a few 'bits' for the new room that I am in love with, and feel the need to celebrate this love with you all!

The Walls

This picture was such a find and I can't take any of the credit myself! My little love Holly over at Style Bore got me onto to this one. It's from another favourite place for house finds, eBay. This picture was made to order and I was given the option to have whatever print I chose put onto either a vintage book page or vintage dictionary page. I chose this skull print..obvs, and to have it printed onto a vintage book page, what I love most about it is I was also given the option of what subject I wanted the book page to be on according to a few the seller had that she thought were suited.  These were, Medicine, Wills, Funeral Etiquette...well naturally I chose the Funeral Etiquette, I mean did you even know they did books on that subject? I was amazed, and am now desperate to find one for the coffee table...that's not weird at all with afternoon tea?! Another thing I love is the frame, again courtesy of Style Bore, she seriously must have the BEST TK Maxx ever, she's always finding some absolute gems that I can never seem to find in the one near me. Whether it's a See by Chloe dress, CK undies or this gorgeous, baroque frame, should I ever get to experience this TK for myself, the boot better be empty!

So anyway yes, I absolutely love this image, I think it could be my favourite thing in my room...and that's over a Yankee Candle!

The sister recently went to New York, of which I have a few more goodies to blog about, and brought me back this gorgeous framed New Yorker image.  I absolutely love the illustrations on the front of The New Yorker, so chic, so typically fashion, but the perfect addition to any room and it also goes with everything, as in you don't need to 'theme' your room to hang it...if you see what I mean - a classic never dies (cringe!)

And the last treat for the walls, and my favourite piece, although I did say that earlier but you can never have too many, this stunning print from Urban Outfitters. It came framed and it's massive so a real centre piece for my room, but saying that I still think it's really subtle and understated, silent chic we'll say!  Again it's a typically 'fashion' image but I think black and white photos are so timeless and I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

The Floor

I was in the market for a sheepskin rug so Christmas was the perfect opportunity to get one. I wasn't sure what to get as they seemed quite expensive plus I was the proud owner of a lovely Mongolian Lamb rug a few years ago but over time it went bald, matted and generally pretty rotten looking. It was the Mother who suggested I go for this 'Flokati' rug from John Lewis, a manmade version of a sheepskin, and as it was Mum I thought, can't go wrong, if there's one thing Nancy knows, it's interiors!  When it came I thought it felt a bit rough to touch but once on the floor it was so cosy, perfect for my tootsies on cold, winter mornings!

And finally...

So OK this is another favourite but what can I say, I'm a Libra, indecisiveness comes with the territory! Another gem from Urban Outfitters, THE place for quirky homeware, and was another one that as soon as I saw it I had to have it! It's a lot bigger than I'd anticipated but it's the perfect size for under my full length mirror, and it was a bargain at £15 - I had no choice I think you'll agree!

It's official I love home stuff, I'm therefore an adult...waaaaaaaah!

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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