Having a moment...Nails

I am obsessed with nails at the moment, not just nail polish and nail effects but false nails. Back in the day I loved a bit of the acrylics but I hated the way they felt on my nails, almost like they couldn't breath, so could never have them on for too long, that along with how weak my own nails became from being electronically filed down with some kind of sand paper mechanism, which to this day I still don't think is safe, I had to give up. But thanks to Wah nails, Rihanna and more recently Lana Del Rey my obsession has been reignited! And I have luckily discovered these Elegant Touch nails courtesy of my little love Holly over at Style Bore.

That's right they are not just any false nails, but Elegant Touch matte effect false nails, complete with a gloss over coat to have a play around with.  I opted for the current 'trend' of painting the ring finger different to all the other fingers and put the gloss overcoat on those, you can't really see in the pics but..it looks great even if I do say so myself!

What I love about these nails is how thin they are so really look like your natural nail and not stick ons. I had originally tried these nails from Kiss which are great in terms of how many to get and how long they last but they are so thick, as well as the glue clumping underneath the top of the nail so reminds me of my earlier acrylic days with suffocating nails. Not with Elegant Touch, the glue almost disappears a few hours after application and I don't even feel like I have false nails on which is great for me as this obsession can move from 'only on nights out' to 'everyday funk me up wear!' perfect! Elegant Touch also do a great range of nail art and pre polished nails so no more struggling with nail wraps and art pens...dream come true! 

These matte ones are limited edition though so stock up while you can!

What do you think of fasle nails? Any favourites?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,