Be My Valentine

So Valentine's day is kind of, almost upon us! It's a day that divides us, if your in a couple do you splash out on an expensive present, overpriced, set menu dinner options and forced filthy bedroom time? If your single do you sit in watching Fatal Attraction, gorging on Ben & Jerry's and weeping into your Rose whilst pondering the thought if a lonely eternity surrounded by cats? Do you not really care? Do you boycott the whole affair and carry on regardless?

I have to say I'm in the 'not that bothed' category., I'm happy either way really. I have boyfriend who has dutifully put up with me for coming up to 7 years and in all our time together, neither of us have really made a tremendous effort to mark Valentine's day. We get the obligatory card and a cheeky snog and will usually cook a little dins together and share a cheeky bottle of Asti, gotta treat yourself! If we do ever venture out it's usually just to Nando's! Presents are never usually on the agenda, we like to just focus on having a nice night rather than what other shite can I buy for you, but yeah it's not a massive big deal we just sort of, do what we want really.

One thing that is consistent with Valentines, or anytime of the year for me really is looking fancy. If me and him do plan an eve in I try to make some kind of effort make up wise, and a red lippie nearly always comes into play.

And so onto my newest product discovery! Whilst picking up my favourite face wipes last week this little stunner caught my eye...

From what I can tell, according to the my shroud observation of the bottom, it's a limited Valentine's edition of the Barry M Lipgloss wands in the shade 201. 

So I rocked up to the counter fully prepared to part with my £4.49 and it was free! I still to this day have no idea why, I bought some Johnson's Face Wipes for £3.15 if your interested in claiming your freebie but I don't know what the stipulations actually are. It was swiped through as normal and on the receipt it showed as 00.00...weird, I would've assumed I would have to buy another Barry M product to claim this but apparently not, so...Happy Valentine's to me! I can't seem to find this anywhere online so I am assuming it's only available in your nearest Boots store, could be Superdrug as well no reason why not I guess, but mine came from Boots.

You can see from the swatch it's more of a pinky red but the consistency, as with all Barry M glosses, is lovely. Ever since The Saturdays stonker of a tune 'Notorious' I fell in love with the Barry M Lipgloss wands, the colours were so creamy and as soon as I saw Frankie whip it across those smackers I was hooked and this one is no different. It goes on really smoothly, not sticky AT ALL and a really nice lip 'enhancing' colour I would say - perfect for planting a kiss on that lucky Valentine...or just your Mum ha!

What are you doing for Valentine's day?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

PS I have just been into Boots and seen that the offer is 'spend £6 on Barry M you'll receive a free lip gloss' hmmm...still not sure what happened but I'm not complaining!!

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