My lipgloss be cool, my lipgloss be poppin'

Oh yes in the immortal words of Lil' Mama my lipgloss be very cool! I'm talking about the new Collection 2000 Lock 'n' Hold lipgloss collection.

So as you can see from the packaging, my title is quite apt wouldn't you say?! I actually hate the packaging and the names are all adhering to some kind of Step up 2 the streets theme, being 27 this is wasted on me, but I'm never one to judge a book by it's cover so I can over look this.  

Now I'm not a massive lipgloss person, I feel like when you get older you become either a lipstick or a lipgloss girl and I am defo the former.  My MAC lipstick collection seems to grow by the day, I am for sure going to need some sort of display mechanism not unlike the one MAC has in order to store and display them, not least so I can stop buying duplicates...which has happened on more occasions than I care to remember!! So anyway back to the lipglosses.  I originally saw these posted on etcllymlrs and 2 days later, on an innocent trip to Superdrug to buy cotton wool pads, obvs, I saw them in all their glossy glory, and for £2.99, I couldn't resist. I think the gimmick is that they are lasting lipglosses and not supposed to rub off easily, on the front of the tube they claim to stay put for up to 6 hours...I don't know about that but they do seem to withstand any sort of food or drink consumption quite well and without the stickiness you'd expect, it's this stickiness that usually puts me off lipglosses, all I think is once that wind blows I'm having a gob full of hair...not a good look! But yeah, these are not too sticky and also smell/taste amazing, really fruity, yum!

It was the colour Twisted Disco that originally caught my eye and made me think, I have to have this!! Not just because I love the name but the colour was gooooooooorgeous!

I'll be the first to admit the piccies do not do it justice.  It's a creamy lilac colour that's not too pigmented but really does show up on the lip.  It really reminds me of one of my faaaav MAC lipsticks called Lavender Whip from the Cream Team collection, which is the same tone, but as it's a lipstick it's a lot more pigmented, this gloss is a great alternative to that for the day or when I want a neutral gloss with a slight edge, this will definitely get noticed for all the right reasons!

I also picked up this gorgeous nude called Rock Steady.

This also reminds me of a mix of a couple MAC cremesheen lipglasses in Boy Bait and Fashion Whim.  I love these two lipglasses but can never seem to decide which one to go for, hence why this was a fab purchase, no need to choose and so much cheaper! It;s just a great peachy nude gloss that adds a beautiful cream sheen to the lips, and being so neutral it's great alone or to enhance your favourite nude lipstick. Another great thing about these lipglosses are the applicators, they are gorgeous, soft and sponge like so they help the gloss to glide on smoothly, when you take them out it looks as if there's no product at all but there really is so you will never use too much, no mess, no waste, perfect!

What are your favourite lipglosses?

Have you tried any of the Collection 2000 Lock 'n' Hold range?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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