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Now I am the first person to admit that, until recently, I was a bonified make up snob! All I would wear was MAC, MAC and more MAC with a few splashes of Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown here and there. Actually I tell a lie I have ONE thing from a high street makeup brand which I cannot do without, which is my Bourjois Khol and Contour Eye Pencil which I would never trade in for all the MAC eyeliners in the world! I even secretly resented my all time favourite bronzer, the Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer, even with it's £22! price tag. There was something about the fact that I had to go to Boots to get it that just didn't sit right with me! If it wasn't available in Selfridges make up hall I wasn't interested.

But more recently, as I obsess over my favourite beauty bloggers and Youtubers I have been converted.  Being that I love make up, and constantly hearing nothing but great things about these brands, I thought it only fair that I give these make up brands I'd avoided for so long a chance, if Primark and Topshop can bring the catwalk to the high street I'm sure Superdrug can! First to snare me was Sleek. As soon as I saw that infamous Contour Kit I had to have it, this was closely followed by a purchase of the Storm Palette, then the Nude Palette and more recently the Brow on the list, being that it's the season to be jolly, is the Christmas Berry collection.

And from Sleek my new found high street make up obsession has just snow balled. My most recent passion is from the Make Up Academy range or MUA as you may more commonly see it, available at Superdrug.

The first palette I bought from MUA was the Heaven and Earth palette.

Being a nude palette as well as anything gold/bronze addict, I saw this and had to have it.  What I absolutely love about the MUA palettes, apart from the price, is the range and quality of the colours.  This palette is great for  everyday wear as well as this specific time of year.  Most of the colours are shimmery so great for jazzing up your make up for that Xmas do! They'd also work really well in summer if you want that Bronze Goddess look!

So as you can see from the pics they're a great selection of shimmery nude, gold and bronze tones, a few of them even have a hint of pink in which I really like in a nude palette as it's really flattering against gold and bronze which can sometimes be slightly cool in tone. The pigmentation is great with these palettes too so they are great for either just sweeping a wash of colour over the lid or building them up on top of each other to create a glamourous smokey eye. And for £4...I don't think I need say anymore!

Next up is the infamous Immaculate Collection palette.

So at the slightly dearer price of £8! You get 24 shadows! I don't even know where to start with this palette, I absolutely love it.  Like I say the beauty of MUA is the range of colours and this palette really backs that up.  On first look you might think that perhaps they don't seem that related in terms of a cohesive 'palette' but that's why I love it.  One reason I'm mad on cheap palettes at the mo is, because if nothing else, it's just a great way to build up your eye shadow collection without spending too much cash on colours you won't get the wear out of, but you have them there just incase! It's always great to have extra colours on hand to experiment with.

These are a few of my fav colours in the palette, you can see the pigmentation is sooo good and the consistency is really creamy and blendable.

Have you tried MUA? What's your favourite palette?

Until the next post,

Love, love, love,

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