Space up your life...

No that’s not a spelling mistake, it’s me using the old ‘play on words’ trick us writers love to do so much!

In light of the latest 90s fashion resurrection there is a ridonculous amount of forgotten fashion pieces that are starting to rear their potential hipster uniform heads. First it was Clueless style over the knee socks, then we butched up the classic brogue by revisiting the trusty old Dr Marten boot and with the more recent temperature drop, we’re now turning to functional fashion and bringing back the Bomber jacket. Not to mention aztec prints, plaid shirts and navajo rucksacks.

And now latest edition to this nostalgic fashion family is starting to put in an appearance…The Buffalo shoe.  

I know, you thought you’d tucked them away neatly, deep in the back of a charity shops stock room along with paisley handkerchief tops and pedal pushers! But alas, they’re back for round two. Well if it’s good enough for the Spice Girls?

Moonspoon Saloon are a danish collective who regularly show at Copenhagen Fashion Week and they have teamed up with Buffalo to bring us the new, improved…forget it they’re actually exactly the same ‘are you wearing those because you have one leg longer than the other?’ type shoe, except now they have a jazzy, graffiti style, space print on them.

Now I’ll be honest I don’t know a huge amount about Moonspoon Saloon, the only way I can describe them is like Basso and Brooke on acid. This seasons collection, futuristically dubbed, ‘Take Me to Your Leader’ basically sums up their aesthetic; galaxy, intergalactic, inspired digital prints designed for aliens, cheerleaders and ice skating champs. I know I’m sounding like you’re not sure whether I’m being sarky or genuinely hate this type of brand, but It’s basically fun fashion that should NOT be taken too seriously.  

So where are these potential eyesores of a design you speak of? I shall not keep you waiting any longer…

So what do you think? I actually really like the prints, not sure if I’m ready to rock these myself and unleash my inner Scary Spice but I’d be up for seeing anyone who fancies it.

I do however, really like this…

Too much for Dress Down Fridays?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love

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